Tuesday, September 13, 2011


crap. I just forgot what I was going to blog about. Has that ever happened to you? Oh well lets talk every day stuff for just a minute. I have..for the last couple years been pretty.............crap forgot the word..lets just say I ain't been moving around much as I should. I've been wanting to walk the dog...because she hasn't been getting exercised like she should for a long while either. This summer was just entirely too damn hot...but it's finally started to cool down and I've started taking her for walks in the evening, at a nearby park up the road about mile and a half from the house. These are good for her as they get her out of the house and get her exercise, good for me for the same reason. I also took apart completely my mountain bike, put new tubes in the tires, scrubbed down and polished up the wheels, cleaned up the frame, cleaned out the gears, and cleaned and re greased the chain and gears. I used white lithium grease..good for metal to metal contact lube.So I'm going to start getting some regular exercise of some sort that way. Hell if I start riding the bike every day and gradually increase the distances I ride..I might repeat my feat of the late teens early 20's; dropping about 80lbs in 6months. By the middle of that period I was doing at least 10mi round trip pretty much every day. After that period I found a job and was riding to work every day. 7 mi up to the job, working and running around AT the job and then riding 7 mi home..during which time I lost a further 30 give or take a few pounds. Once I reached my good weight it fluctuated a couple pounds[no more than say..4lbs] on either side of my good weight which was 175..a fluctuation I could live with. I miss those days..I had more energy.
I was stronger. I was quite frankly , happier.

I want some semblance of those days back. I realize that it's going to be a LOT harder and take me longer..because my metabolism has changed a tad as I've aged and quite frankly..I don't have the same...drive as I did back then. So we shall see. If nothing else at least walking the dog on a daily basis will help.


  1. Cuz you're a lazy old bastiche! Yes you are!

  2. Oh bite me you flop eared fleabitten mutt. *looks closer, breaks out a light and holds hit next to the skin, and picks something off the basset's skin* dude you have GOT to stop playing in the long grass.
    *holds up a fat tick.*

  3. Hey! Gimme my snack back! I was saving that, along with all the others for dinner tonight. Damnit!


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