Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Earth Overhaul and the Serenity prayer.

Okay greenie fruitloops. The earth needs an over haul? Really? *Looks outside, sniffs the air* Nahhh don't think so. The Global Warming alarmists all say we've got to cut carbon emissions, stop using fossil fuels[by the way this would of course mean no cutting down trees for fire wood as they consider trees living BEINGS. *headdesk*
Now first of course we've got to get rid of our EVIL gasoline driven vehicles and trade them up for eco friendly little eggshells on wheels.
1. Okay supposing you can get people to give up the combustion engine, and get charging stations to replace filling stations. Where pray tell me you RETARDS, is the power going to come from to provide the needed electricity?!
Why I can tell you, Coal, Natural Gas[Propane] Oil and of course Nuclear plants. You're going to have to build MORE of these plants to provide the power you need for those eco friendly shitboxes so you'll negate the effect of taking the gas driven vehicles off the road. "But, but aren't you forgetting about eco friendly means of generation like wind and solar?"

Why NO as a matter of fact I'm not. Let me point something out to you people..With a wind driven turbine for only get 30% of the total power generated. Useless in todays electronics driven high tech age. On Top of that something that doesn't get bandied about much is that with those windmills..once you get past a certain windspeed which IIRC is about 40-50mph, the blades have to be feather and either retracted or folded over kind of flush with the turbine housing'll tear itself apart you neolithic morons!!!
Wait a minute. Why am I wasting my time explaining this again? I've already explained all this once..earlier this year please..go back through my damn archives, find and read that post on the stupidity of the green energy movement, and our manufactured[that's right I said MANUFACTURED, by the politicians as a matter of fact] and false dependence on foreign oil. Suffice to say we have ohhh..somewhere around 350 years worth of oil right here in why pray tell aren't we 'drill baby drill'ing and building more refineries and putting more people to work? Again I actually explained that with in the last couple months so go find the post in my archives and read it. I will not waste my breath on that one.

Another oh so brilliant idea was the realization that when Mt. Pinataubo blew it's top, it spewed so much ash and sulfur in to the air it dropped the temperature of the planet[yeah right] by *GASP!!* whole degree! So what does that have to do with a suggestion for preventing global warming? can't figure it out? Jeez you're not as quick as I give you credit for then. I'll tell you..the suggestion that came out of that realization was that we needed to flood the atmosphere with huge amounts of sulfur. Yeah THAT's a good idea..lets suffocate ourselves..oh and there's the piddling little side effect of acid [eat the skin off your face acid] rain *facepalm and looks up*
'Lord, give me the courage to change the things I can...'

Yet another mind blowingly obvious observation from the Global Warming crowd; and a point we ANTI Global Warming folks have been makin for a while,
is that it's the SUN that has the major effect on our temperatures and weather patterns. *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* You idiots.
So out of that realization was born2 ideas. One was..well clouds reflect some of the solar radiation and light but not nearly enough so..if we seed clouds with small enough particles of saltwater they'll thicken up and become more dense and larger..thereby reflecting more of the suns evil radiation and light. Only one teensy tiny little drawback with this..oh so brilliant change weather patterns creating more violent storms,, hurricanes and blizzards. Droughts where there should be rain, swamps where there should be deserts...lakes where there should be fields full of crops..on and on. You know..just a few MINOR inconveniences. Oh and we can stop seeding every couple weeks, months to let the weather patterns go back to normal for short periods, if it gets too bad. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!
'the serenity to accept the things I can't change'

The other brilliant idea was well we use mirrored glass for some of these 'habitats' that are out what about mirrors in space. Several TRILLION mirrors to reflect the light of the sun and thereby save our planet from the evil gift of life giver in our solar system. Only one problem you'd have to have so many shuttle shots and rocket launches to orbit those mirrors you'd cause so much more damage it's ridiculous..then of course you've got to build those mirrors. Yes I like this idea, lets kill off humanity by causing a major long running, never ending ice age with a wall of mirrors to protect our planet from the sun
'and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off.'

To assume we can have THAT great of an effect on our environment and our climate is hubris at best, sociopathic meglomania at worst. Sigh..why can't these people just drink their arsenic laced kool aid like good little lunatics and die, thereby leaving the REST of us in peace. Apparently it's too much to ask for.'


  1. Deep breaths...inhale, exhale...again. You got it, relax, ommmmmmmmmmmm mannneeeee, padmeeeee ommmmmm.

  2. Yeah yeah. you know my father told me I needed to "enhance my calm" today at one point. I'd like to "enhance the calm" on the dipshits causing my blood pressure to rise.


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