Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama's Goebbels

Ahh children..have you heard of a new website put together by Obama supporters to silence opposition and opposing viewpoints and change/control the mind of the masses?

*be warned the caustic sarcasm is about to get heavy*
Oh my! Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's old propaganda minister and master of information suppression and disinformation would either be proud of the man who heads this project..and anyone else involved in it. Orrrr.... he's rolling in his grave in amazement of their ineptitude....I'm not sure which yet.
I know of some people already who have reported themselves as good citizens should. Yes lets all flood this site and please..follow my example below and let your self go in your report of yourself. Have fun with it children...I did.

Gee what would I say about myself in this report? Hmmmm……….*finger snap* got it!:
Hello you brown shirt wearing, goose stepping fucktards. I’m a white conservative male, I cling to my god, my guns and my god given right as an American, and a human being to live free. I hate the federal government as is, and think it needs to be returned to the time of our forefathers; when the government was SMALL and our representatives were actually HONORABLE Men, with INTEGRITY. Something sadly pretty much all of our representatives today lack.
It is my firmly held belief that most of our supposed representatives need to be strung up by the balls with rusty razor wire, over a school of sharks in the middle of a feeding frenzy and be lowered inch by inch; to be slowly ripped to pieces by animals I have more respect for than I do for our politicians. Frankly I’ve been saying that for years now, and suspect I’ve been on SOMEONES list for some time.
Now having faithfully reported myself to you small minded, micro dicked, power hungry pussies..I leave you to your usual activities of repressing the oppressed, molesting small children and humping dead animals. That is all.
Have a Nice Day…
Mr. Eat Shit and Die of Gangrene.

Too much? Naaah ....hell that should be a paragraph in the book "How to win friends and influence people" don't you think?

I wonder just how closely they studied Goebbels Principles of Propaganda?

Personally I suspect they're going to end up being laughed out of town.
I now leave you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


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