Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ahh anti capitialists/ environmentalists.. stupid people

Found this quote on a friends facebook page this morning.
"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell" - Edward Abbey

Sadly that explains a lot. He was an environmentalist...but anti corporation folk are quoting his works too.
I expect that kind of stupidity from environmentalists frankly. These are the same people who, like others, want to control every facet of your lives, from what you eat, to whether or not you get to own or make use a vehicle to get you to your job 20miles from home, gee how do you heat your house in the winter. They want us all to barely subsist, because we're a blight on mother earth. Too bad so many of them don't have the power of their convictions. By that logic you should live in a home made of nothing but deadfall trees. EXTREMELY flammable...a hot day would set off a house like that, I don't call that a house..I call that a tinderbox waiting for a match. By that logic there'd be no electricity, because any kind of fossil fuel is bad. which means you'd live in the dark Can't burn oil, oil is a fossil fuel. Can't use coal..because you know what? it's a 'fossil' fuel and you gotta destroy mother earth to produce it! OMG! Environmentalists will NEVER truly live by their convictions. because so many of the things that they use for survival are made through fossil fuel. What? you think PLASTIC just magically falls out of the sky? It's a petroleum product![oil] You think steel occurs naturally? *facepalm* it has to be melted into being by super heating iron and combining it with several other ingredients added into the mix. You can also destroy steel the same heating it.
Revelation! These people aren't just anti people...they're actually anti-LIFE! In other words..all life is an aberration! Holy Shit! Now that's a profound thought for someone who just woke up and is just now munching a sandwich for breakfast while he types this!. These idiots are anti life! They don't mean just people are bad, but by extension fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, bacteria... Why do I say this? Because EVERYTHING living has a need to grow for growths sake. Why? So it can survive and reproduce! Which sadly in the case of cancer, cancer cells excel at.

Wow so in that case they believe the Earth should be like Mars..a lifeless ball of dust. mind fuck dude.

Ahhh but I mentioned anti capitalists didn't I? YEah well that friend of mine posted the Abbey quote on his wall after ganking it from someone else, and said you should try telling that to a corporate guru. Sooo corporations, businesses, economic growth are a cancer within a cancer. A blight on the human existence? Is it too early in the morning for a triple facepalm? OW..apparently not. Next time I'll have to remember not to do that so hard..that smarts! Oh well..benefits of being still drowsy. Now where was I? Oh know what business is? it's a natural outgrowth of humanities drive, the NEED to survive, grow and procreate. The Economic engine that is business allows us to do those 3 things, better, faster and be stronger while doing it.

Okay if you truly believe that folks..then by all means believe it; but please if you really believe that, have the courage of your convictions and kill yourselves. Oh wait that wouldn't work now would it? Because then you wouldn't be around to share the "benefits" of your "wisdom" now would you? Wouldn't be able to TELL us how to live our lives and to tell us we need to feel 'guilty' for being alive? Hmm soo if you're not around I won't have the benefits of your wisdom? Okay, works for me. have fun digging your graves and killing yourselves! buh bye now!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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