Monday, September 19, 2011

Lets talk College sports

For those of us who watch college sports, we're witnessing the end of an era, and the birth of a new monster called "Super Conferences" 4 of them of 16 teams each.
If you listen to Swofford the head of the ACC

You'll hear him say that all this moving around in the conferences is about the stableness of certain conferences and [=unspoken] supposed INstability of other conferences. That as a conference head, and or school head your first responsibility should be to have your school in a stable conference.

No Swofford you stupid son of a bitch. The first responsibility of the heads of the schools is to the STUDENTS and assuring they get an EDUCATION. You remember the students don't you Swofford? The only thing that makes the sports and the schools they're a part of ..possible. You know..the mules you make your money on the backs of Swofford? You money grubbing son of a bitch!

Now don't get me wrong folks I'm not just pissed at Swofford. I'm pissed at just a whole lot of fucking people All these people including college presidents are so focused on the money they've forgotten, as I've already said their primary responsibilty, the students they're SUPPOSED to be educating. As demonstrated in a statement released in this video

With all these schools leaving the traditional conferences for these supposed Supercons[ pay attention to the last word in that swindle, other words, to screw someone over. Who's gonna get the shaft? The students and the fans We're going to lose these traditional conferences like the Big 12 or the Big East.
They'll be dissolved as all the schools dessert, leave for what they think are greener pastures. You'll lose the classic rivalries that have defined the various sports. You'll have kids, in the basketball side that will never freaking be home to go to school because they sometimes play 2-4 games a week in the middle of the week. If you have Syracuse in the ACC 2 of the teams they'll have to play are in florida. that's a 1500mi trip ONE WAY. or to put it into perspective 6-8hrs on a plane, rest for the game the next day, play at 7 or so and even if you catch a flight back to Syracuse say, at 10-11pm they won't get back in til 4-5 in the morning, then travel back to the school from there you're looking at 6am before they're back on their own campus. So really? How are they supposed to function as students and ACTUALLY learn? The answser..They CAN'T.

Make no mistake..this isn't about making the "conferences" better. This is about making MONEY for the Conference heads and admins, for the School Presidents and various departments and for making money for the advertisers by delivering viewers of the various sports. That is ALL this is about, nothing more. Personally I'm rapidly leaning towards the opinion should be castrated or defenestrated.


  1. It's always about the money. Well, that and the dumbing down of the sheeple. Duh!

  2. I know that you fleabitten son of a mangy mongrel! Doesn't mean I can't still be pissed about it.


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