Monday, September 26, 2011

Ahh..making friends again

I seem to have upset someone on one of the webboards I haunt. I quoted something he said "A good article that makes the point that, while Perry may lead among Republicans, it's Romney who polls better overall when compared to Obama. Personally I think job #1 is defeating Obama while we still have a country. Presently I think Romney, flawed as he may be, is the man for that job"

Why do I say I seem to have upset them? Well I posted THIS in reply:
Look. I hate to be a kiljoy and I'm guilty of this myself..we have GOT to stop voting for one candidate just because their NOT the other candidate or incumbent we hate. That's what got us INTO this mess in the first place. Voting for whoever just because their not Obama is bordering on the edge of insane. I hate The One as much..probably more than you do..and what *I* want isn't least not on this board. Hell..I give REPUBLICANS I know, nightmares!!
ACtually let me revise a previous sentence..I forget who said it..but doing @#$% the same way and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If we vote for someone just because they're not many, including myself did in 08..then we shouldn't be surprised when %^#$ stays the same old way.

Then they posted this:
"We" have got to stop? I don't know about you but when I pull the lever I'm alone. I supported Romney in 2008 and I still do though my vote is up in the air. Bottom line is I get to pick from those who actually run and I currently feel that he is the most qualified and smartest one running. I'm not voting for him just because he's not Obama, those are your thoughts added to my words. I still believe job #1 is defeating Obama as I believe every GOP candidate would be an improvement. By all means speak your mind but I'd appreciate it if you didn't speak my mind for me."

My response to his upsettedness.
*shrug* My point [name deleted] is that voting for someone JUST because they're not the other guy, or as many have done in the past [mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima f'ing culpa] holding your nose and voting for whoever gets the nod from the party you support, or don't support as the case may be, just so long as it's not the guy currently in office or someone like insane. That is what got us Obama..idiots voting for Obama because they saw McCain as more of the same {Bushesque..] , and Palin flat out scared the @$#% out of them. I can't figure out why on the latter..Palin was the only SANE one in the bunch. McCain was a another RINO, Obama is frankly, I believe, someone's puppet..which begs the question 'where's the puppetmaster?' and Biden was and IS a a buffoon. The election process seems to have become no better than a street corner game of 3 card monte. Sorry I ain't playing anymore. if either one of the 2 that I like don't get the nod..then the republican candidate that does can kiss my hairy rectum. The party itself, can already feel free.

EDIT 548PM the person in question responded to my last post:
"Wolf I make it about half way through your post and between the random punctuation, needless swearing, and visuals of your "hairy rectum" I'm not exactly sorry we disagree.

People didn't vote for Obama because he wasn't as bad as McCain. They voted FOR him because they liked him and believed he was different. Upon taking office he enjoyed historic levels of good will.

I believe he's so bad that I would hold my nose and vote for the one who can beat him. I don't think we can afford any more of him. I can't exactly vote for someone who isn't running so I can pick from those who are and anyone with a chance at winning the GOP nomination will be an improvement."


Seriously? Doing things the same way and expecting a DIFFERENT result is the DEFINITION of insanity I'm as guilty as anybody who voted for McCain..even if we didn't like him or trust him. I'll be bluntly honest. The ONLY reason I voted for McCain in the 1st place was because he picked Sarah Palin as a running mate. I kind of hoped that if he won, he'd end up dropping dead before the first year in office was up and Palin could take over. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Seriously..what was so wrong about me pointing this shit out? It's true. A LOT of people voted for McCain..but weren't so much voting FOR McCain as AGAINST Obama. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Fucking Culpa. I don't WANT to vote anymore for a candidate just because he's not the other guy..even if I know the other guy will be a fucking disaster. I want to vote for someone because I believe in what he represents and I believe he..or she as the case may be..will act honorably and will be a person of their word.,

Honestly I was a little confused by the reaction of the person in question. I know I've been absent from the board for a couple months but we were by and large tending to agree with each other. Jeez.


  1. Well, as I have said in the past, if the Republicans nominate Perry and I will vote for Obama (or, at the very least a write-in or third party candidate). But, about the only Republican candidate I can halfway stand and who I think would actually work to fix the problems we have is Ron Paul. But, thanks to the media and social conservatives, he stands a snowball's chance in hell of being nominated.

  2. Cain gives me some hope..but verily..somedays I wonder why we even bother to vote...with a paper or an electronic ballot, at any rate.

  3. I agree completely, and I didn't need to see your hairy arse to say that. ;)
    In fact, I might've said something like that myself from time to time...give me someone to vote FOR, not someone to vote AGAINST.
    Don't tell me how awful it will be if XXX gets into office, convince me that YYY will do a better job and you will have my vote all day long.
    (One thing that YYY can do to get my support is answer the "As President, what will you do about ______" with "Not a damn thing, the Constitution gives that duty to the CON-gress." Too many of them don't seem to be overly familiar with that particular document.)

  4. Larry I like the way you emphasize the CON in congress. I feel the same way.
    And all things being equal no one in their right mind wants to see my hairy arse. :P


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