Sunday, October 2, 2011

Idle late night thoughts

I didn't do a blasted thing today outside of putting out the trash and walking the dog. Other than that I sat around all day. No bueno.

There are entirely too many stories about just how bad it is with all the computerization and control going on in our cars..especially with the functions of services like ONStar. Therefore when I finally get round to getting another ride. It will either be used [as in somehwere between 98-2003] or REALLY well used.[a classic] If it's used it will be another F-150 like the one I lost to the repo man a couple years ago. With one crucial difference..DaCurlyWolf wants a super crew. Doesn't have to be a long bed but it WILL be a super crew. At any rate it won't be a GM product. I'm a tad bit pissed at them.
If it's a classic..well since I'm not gonna be giving money to a dealer directly..I might get an old chevy wagon like the one I grew up riding around in. Or if I'm feeling REALLY stupid I might try and get my hands on an old Trans Am. Why YES I do love me some 'Smokey and the Bandit'. What of it?

I'm just a tad happier since I've started walking the dog again everyday. The exercise and fresh air is doing me good. I can't use the 'stray dog' excuse anymore because I'm not even walking Tessie in the neighborhood. I'm driving up the road to run on another subdivisions 6ft wide, bordered with concrete, 1/2mile long, black sand track. A track surrounding their retaining pond, gazebo and childrens playground. Lots of green grass too..with all the usual sprinklers on timers to keep it that least on the playground end. I generally go late in the evening. less people if any that way. It's a big subdivision and they've got another park I want to try and go run with the dog at..but it's strictly compacted brown dirt/sand track. Got a couple of gazebos, and some water features[that particular pond runs the entire length of the track, has fountains, and a couple bridges from one side to the other in different spots] and hills. I need to check that one out on a day run though. One of the things I like about the black sand track is that it's got 4, 50gal barrel garbage cans. one on the far end of the track from the playground and 3 over by the playground. playground end also has a free doggie bag dispenser to encourage people picking up after their dogs so it stays pretty clean. I raid that dispenser for extra bags every night. Neither park has a whole lot in the way of parking, but the compacted dirt track has a whole lot less than the other. Meh. My other nit about the compacted dirt track..the fountains. Dude we're in the middle of a drought here. *headshake* the mind boggles. I need to go really give the that one a good look over and run through in broad daylight before I decide whether I'm going to make that a regular dog running haunt as well. After all if there is no bag dispenser I can's not like I don't have a corner full of plastic shopping bags in the garage. However if by any chance there isn't the plethora of trash cans this is gonna be a problem. AFter all what am I supposed to do..pick the shit up and take it back home with me?

I had some other stuff I was going to mention and pontificate on but you know what? they seem to have left my brain, and with no forwarding address no less. How Rude! Oh well. They'll come back eventually. No big

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