Monday, October 10, 2011

Corporate Greed/investors

I happened to flip to FNCews to catch America Live today *shrug* I'm a fan of Megyn with it. She had on two guests discussing the Occupy Wall Street "movement" I'll try and find the video for it later, it's not up yet that I can see. of the the guests..the democrat was of course supportive of the "movement" Saying Corporate Greed was wrong. He quoted Jeffery Immelt from 60mins last night who said basically 'I work for the investors."
here's the whole immelt segment. Watch the whole 15mins before you comment on this post. I find it interesting.

The democrat was highly offended by this statement. Here's a question for you...WHY?

Why shouldn't Immelts main loyalty be to the investors and stockholders? I mean aside from keeping the employees happy, because happy workers make for busy productive workers. Who are those investors and stockholders. To start with a good many people with 'retirement' plans that are planning for that retirement by investing in stocks and the stock market. They do it through companies like Amerigroup and others. The companies do the investing for those people. Those investors aren't investing to be's a business decision. If you put money into anything you expect to get something from that investment. Cleaner water, no more leaky roof, paint that isn't peeling, a drop in your electrical bill because you bought new more energy efficient appliances, etc etc. Nobody invests in anything without expecting some sort of return, be it an immediate or not so immediate return in the future. You expect to gain something for your money. In the case of those with retirement investment plans..they hope that the companies they invest in by buying stocks, will be doing well enough when/if they retire that they won't have to worry where the money to pay their bills is going to come from. Or maybe they just hope those investments will be doing well enough in the nearer future that they can pay off some debt, buy a better vehicle than the crap heap they're currently driving, repair something major on the house..etc etc. Is that evil? WHY are people demonizing the very corporations that allow or will allow them to do those things. Hell even if they're NOT invested in those corporations..those corporations and their products allow these ungrateful idiots to live longer, better quality, healthier lives...and their ostracizing them for it? Seems like self defeating stupidity to me. Or maybe it's just guilt over how much better these people have it than their predecessors. The human race is an incredible thing...capable of such great feats of engineering, strength and survival, nay,...not just survival but THRIVING success; yet unlike the other animals on this planet some of our number feel some misplaced sense of guilt about that thriving success. Why? If you really feel that guilty and are going to go around with a 'woe is me..I have it better than someone before me' attitude; then why bother living? Just end it.

I'll tell you that, that attitude irritates the hell out of me and just totally boggles my mind. I don't, can't and WON'T goddammit, ever understand it. Does this mean I'm incapable of feeling guilty about anything? No...if I truly fuck something up then yeah, I'm going to feel a sense of guilt and responsibility. Feeling guilty about being successful and making something of your life is asinine, self indulgent, selfish, childish, and STUPID beyond belief.

Get a grip people. Geez

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity

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