Thursday, October 20, 2011

Possible Terrorist suspects arrested in San Antonio

Oh 2am Wed morning. It should still be emblazoned across tops of the various news websites..especially the local ones here in Texas, since I'm but a few ..okay closer to 5] hours down the road from San Antone. The fact I'm just hearing about this NOW and only because I was perusing a favorite blog...does NOT make me happy!

The fact that apparently the FEDS are downplaying this makes me even LESS happy.


Call me paranoid but could the reason the FEDS at least are downplaying this because our current President and his administration really doesn't like us here in Texas much? Since our governor has done all but literally spit in his face, kicked him while he was down and tell him he's the most useless political meatbag ever? I'd hate to think that's the reason...but I wouldn't doubt it either. I had to find out about this reading one of my favorite blogs in my blogroll!
hat tip to the boys over at blackfive

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