Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYC's COn Ed..being stupid

In a move that mystifies me con ed has raised the rent by $45,000 on the developers hoping to build the Ground Zero Mosque. Hush! I personally would rather not see the mosque built, that hasn't changed. I just think this move is particularly underhanded and nasty. The original rent on that property was $2750 a rate set back in the 70's. Con ED raised it to $47,437 a month back in august and made it RETROACTIVE to back in July of 08. They're threatening to evict the mosque developers if they don't cough up almost 2 MILLION dollars in back rent. Now the developer said he understands a rate raise was probably inevitable but disagrees with the amount. HE thinks it should only be half of what ConEd is asking. Uhmmm...fuck off and die Con Ed? Which is basically what the developer did. Took Con Ed to court and got an injunction against CE to prevent them from evicting the developer til another court hearing decides whether to uphold CE's eviction notice and astronomical rate raise. Like I said..I don't like the idea of the mosque anymore than anyone else, so don't try and use that as justification for raising the rent to a ruinous rate all the sudden.This to me is just underhanded business practice. So as much as I detest the mosque developers and what they stand for..I hope the courts take Con Ed's eviction notice and rate raise..and shoves it up Con Ed's ass, sideways and without lube; because if Con Ed can get away with doing this to the Mosque developers...then they can do it to ANYBODY. If the court finds for Con Ed..I do believe myself that it will set a precedent and THAT my friends would be a bad thing for everybody.

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