Saturday, October 8, 2011


I made a few..modest modifications to Kind Word and 2x4's look. I may change it again..but for now..I likes this one. And going back to the old template isn't an don't exist anymore. *shrug* Oh well......

EDIT 12hrs later:
You know...the more I read today on the net about what our government...................*chinscratch* No I don't think we can truly call it OURS any longer. The socialist elite are still basically firmly in control. Witness Harry Reid's latest [nuclear] bombshell.

It's still gotta get past the house I believe, but for him and the other dems to actually do it, let alone even think about insane. The upshot is..if people truly get wind of this, get exceedingly pissed and put a true conservative in the White House along with giving complete control of both houses to Republicans..the dems will end up hoisted upon their own swords.

Anyway back to my original thought. The more I see, hear and read today the more certain I am that my change of the look of the blog was a good and appropriate thing. Especially the background. If you've never watched Babylon 5 Crusade..then I highly suggest you pick up a box set of the first and only season ever recorded.. Oh and a copy of the movie Babylon 5:A Call to Arms...which is the precursor, the set up for series Crusade. I'd also suggest being the huge fan that I am...of picking up the entire 5 seasons of Babylon 5, along with the movies "The Gathering, The Beginning, 3rd space[ which is just a total mind screw it's so weird] and one other that escapes me right now.] The quote in my background picture are 2 of 5 questions that Galen asks another main character in the Crusade series... Capt Matthew Gideon, before deciding to join Gideon on his journey. Just for entertainment value and shits and giggles as it were...I'll give you the list of questions...and part of the answers
1. Who are you: Capt Matthew Gideon.
2. What do you want? :To find the cure for the drakh plague before it wipes out every man woman and child on earth
3. Where will you go?: Where ever I have to.
4. Who do you serve and who do you trust?: I don't know.


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