Friday, October 28, 2011

Unemployment. A few more FACTS

Since the left is quick to decry that Bush inherited a 4%[close] unemployment rate and that HE destroyed it and had us at 8%[not even close] unemployment when Obama took over. Lets look at a FACTS shall we?

Sigh...FACT: Bush inherited a 4.2 percent unemployment rate and what most people fail to remember is[because it IS an inconvenient fact]that we the people saddled clinton with a Republican controlled congress from 95 til the end of his term. who put a leash on some of his stupider tendencies.
FACT:It had edged up to 5.8% in December of 2001 By December 02 it had edged up a wopping 2 10ths of a percentage point. To 6%
FACT : by January 2004 it had gone back down to 5.6%
FACT: by November 2004 it was back down to 5.4%
FACT: By November 05 it was back down to 5%
FACT: By January 06 it was 4.7%
FACT: by November 06 unemployment was back down to 4.5% just 3/10 of a percent shy of where it was when he took over in the first place.*sarc* Imagine that.*sarc off*
FACT: what do the years from 03-06 have in common. a Republican run house, senate and white house. OOOPS inconvenient fact that one. my bad. Here wipe the drool from your chin it's unattractive..besides you're making the dog nauseous.
FACT: In January 2007 The DEMOCRATS took control of both houses and the gavel was given to Nancy Pelosi
FACT: by the end of 2007 the unemployment rate rose back to 5%
FACT: by the end of 2008 the unemployment rate was back up to 7.2%
SUPPOSITION: near the end there..Ol' GW seemed to have lost his mind. Not surprising he was letting the dems whisper "stimulus" and "Bailout" in his ear. who was one of the foremost whisperers? Tim "Turbo Tax" Geithner.
FACT: Geithner was a member of G30.
FACT: From 2003 til his nomination as Treasury Secretary, he was head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
FACT: since that time the rate has risen to where it is now at 9.1% at least til we get the figures for THIS month come the 2nd week of November. Down I might add from a mind @#$#ing, RECORD HIGH of 10% in November of 09. The highest it's ever climbed since 1948, when it was 3.8%
Now as far as the current 9.1% rate... that's the officially posted rate. We know the numbers of actual unemployed to be closer to 16% or more because the posted rate doesn't account for long term unemployed and those who finally just said "#%$& it!", gave up and dropped off unemployment's rolls.

Oh by the way..leftist trolls like to claim that..Bush policies killed 8+ million jobs. Well lets see if that's true
FACT: AT the end of 06 the number of unemployed was 6.8 million. Or 4.5%
FACT: by the end of November 07 the number of unemployed was...7.2 million.
A difference of..400,000 people. wow... yep that's 8 million people there.
Lets just skip ahead to the end of 2008 and the figures for the month of December 08 Numbers had jumped too..11.1 million. Sooo..a difference of? 4.3 Million. Nope..that's not quite 8 million..only 50% of over 8million, which is the claim. See after that point the buck stops with Obama..or more specifically Obama and the Democrat congress. Oh and who had complete control of congress while the unemployment rate was rapidly rapping the speedo around itself in it's climb?

Drumroll Please...........THE DEMOCRAAATTSSS. OOOOPS.

Now since the buck stops with Obama after January... So since we've established the the buck stops with ol jug ears past the day he was sworn in in January the space of 9 months the rate climbed to...a staggering 10% or..15.4million people. Daaayyuuummm. A difference of? Oddly exactly 4.3 million people. Wow! 4.3 MILLION people in the space of...9 months. Damn now THERE is an accomplishment. Remember folks..the Democrats had been in complete control of the congress since January 2007.

Now..the number stayed above 15 million all through 2010. It's ever so slowly trickled down through 2011. to...14million a difference of...1.4million. Now why is that do you think? I know what the liberals would have us believe.
So...our wonderous leader has driven up the national debt by 4,188,787,326,188[almost 4.2 will be by halloween I suspect] TRILLION dollars in just the last//33 months..not quite 34 months. What he's actually spent has been over 12 TRILLION in the last almost 34 months. that just shy of 4.2 trillion is what he's spent OVER and above the country's actual income in the last 34 months. So in that deficit spending he's spent $4,188,787,326,188 to save 1.4 million jobs at a cost to the tax payers OF! $2,991,990.95! GODDAMN! No wonder we're fucking broke.
Seriously LISTEN to this man again:

These are indeed the FACTS. Don't like it? Too bad. Truth stings like a bitch don't it?


  1. All I know is baby dogs medicine (anti-gerd patch's) went from 11 bucks a patch to 34 bucks a patch in the last 6 months. Fact. A 300% increase just in that one product. I love Dope and Gimmee Change, done wonders to my wallet!

  2. Yeah..just think about how much more expensive they'll be if Obummer manages to win re election and Obummer care goes into full effect. It'll probably double or even triple again..assuming the bureaucrats on the medical board continue to approve the expenditure. Ain't progress grand?


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