Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hmm..lets talk about OWS again

Oh..I'm going to be hammering on this one for a lonnnnng time to come. Lets talk about some serious intent to be fraudulent in the movement. Lets talk about...HIM *points down

Yes lets talk about Mr. Fuck these people and their fucking yachts.

It turns out..that he's...a TRUST FUND BABY! Yep..old grandpappy set up a trust fund for young Edward T. Hall III when he was a young un. Oh for the curious the T..stands for Twitchell. oO..who the fuck names their kid 'Twitchell'? No wonder he turned into such a little douchebag. Now where were we..ahhh yes... Lets talk about Twitchell...Lets see..some of the people who 'inspire' Twitch are..Jesus, Ghandi, Karmapa and Michael Jackson. Notice he's not being very..Jesus like in his little fake tear diatribe? Yeah..I noticed that too..

Some of his favorite books are a book called Plan B 4.0, the Quran, The Bible,, Dune...and, The Art of Getting Things Done. wonders whether the liberal little fucktard actually READ any of those books. I happen to be a huge fan of Dune. Again..I didn't notice him being very 'Jesus like'in his little diatribe. On..the other hand..neither am I. Difference is this..I KNOW I'm going to hell...if there is one. AnnEE Ways..back to Twitchell .

Some of his favorite TV shows are Ren and Stimpy, South Park, Futurama and Rockos Modern Life. WEll I enjoy southpark too so I cant fault him for that one. I used to kind of like Ren and STimpy..never like the other two so..*shrug* You know why I love South Park? Because NOTHING is sacred to them. They'll make fun of anything..from any and all sides of the political, religious and social spectrum.

Some of his interests are,...psychology, Climate Change, Behavioral Economics and Food..among others. Okay two completely useless subjects..climate change and Behavioral economics and One marginally useful one., and one VERY useful interest. One wonders whether the little bastard can fend for himself in the kitchen. Being that he is the proverbial 'fucking people with their fucking yachts' kind of SERIOUSLY doubts it.

Yep he graduated from Columbia. Also apparently looks like he might have gone to Carnegie's in his networks anyway. Useless misplaced sense of guilt, trust fund douchebag. Hey..Twitch! If you feel THAT fucking guilty..give all your money away you lackwit and live on the merits of your own hard work! Always assuming you're actually willing to WORK hard. Hmmm maybe I'm being to hard on Twitch in this paragraph..maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. *head scratching in deep thought*...........
Naaah fuck it.

Awww he's engaged. too his sweetheart. Thank whatever deity you believe in that they'll likely never breed. I suppose there's a chance that he and his fiance will adopt, or maybe get themselves a child through surrogacy. In which case I feel bad for any future children those two MIGHT have. With people like this possibly raising children in the really IS time to weep for the future.

Too bad there's not a way for his father to defund the trust fund, change his will and give it all to one of the good charities when he croaks..or several for that matter. Hmmm I wonder if his gramps is still alive and considering that very thing?

Oh and then there's THIS lovely lady.

Yes this lady, if you live in possibly teaching your children. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

No? Can't say I as I blame you for that one. Being a member of a Union, you DO realize that the odds she'll get fired are exactly slim, none, and astrofuckingnomical.? Juuuusssst checkin!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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