Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sigh.. I did warn you guys.

In 07...before Obama ever got the democratic Nod I told you, "Here is the man who would be king"
In 08 before he won the nod..I told you he was "full of shit and would only win because of the novelty that he's black" if he won

I told you in November 08 "He takes power in 2 and a half months. Get your shit together, get prepped for ugly weather cuz the shit storm is coming. I can hear it now "but things weren't THAT bad under clinton" Oh no? Waco ring a bell?...and that's just for starters. Obama OTOH is NOT Clinton he's a whole different kettle of fish....a smellier one."

I warned you with every speech he made, every bill before congress, from the stimulus2, the fuel efficiency standards, the various appointments of his czars and on and on..........................

And now..we get THIS news. THIS slightly deeper look. Oh and THIS news as well. If he succeeds in this bid. If he keeps this shit up we're all gonna reap the whirlwind, and sooner than I thought possible.


  1. No..he's more in the style of a "comrade" me thinks than a "furher". I could be wrong though.


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