Monday, October 31, 2011

Hyatt hotel chain caves to Islamothug pressure

With nary a shot being fired, with nary a single solitary human being, being harmed. The Hyatt hotel chain in Houston surrendered to the demands of CAIR and the Islamofascist thugs who run it.

I thought this reply was quite accurate.

This will be the future of America, a country that has already gone far down the path of demographic destruction due to unbridled immigration.

For reasons no one can explain, America is considered an airport to the Third World where no one has rights except the people who had the least to do with building a country everyone wants to live in.

With each passing year of immigration, the U.S. will become less successful, not more. The liberal Left believes the exact opposite but it is only common sense and reason. The Left calls my ‘reason’ racism but I say the Left has fallen into the perceptual trap of believing reality itself racist. The Third World is a paradigm of the word ‘failure’ and IQs don’t go up simply by crossing an ocean nor is osmosis an answer as it has been a failure in bussing for decades. Cultural brilliance simply doesn’t work like that. If it did, the Roman Empire would still be ruling; it was undone by demographics as some 65% of the army were Romans at the empire’s height and 1% shortly before the end.

Let’s be blunt: it is absolutely forbidden to say that European Americans are the great and brilliant innovators of this age. It hurts the pride and feelings of minorities. It is taken on faith by the Left that the reason minorities don’t have space ships in orbit is white racism; not exactly a persuasive argument but in fact the main argument by the Left behind every failure from the Third World and minorities.

Diversity is killing America because the diverse come armed with ignorance from their own cultures and an unwillingness to absorb themselves into an American culture whose story they hate. Allowing muslims into America is allowing conflict and hate to enter. Conservatives will be on the losing end and this will get worse until they call for an end to all immigration and phony work visas and anchor babies.

They will be called much worse racists than was the case with the AZ bill but it must be done while we still have a chance and those chances are dimming by the thousands every single day as emigre’s continue to line up for the lottery outside every single US embassy in the world."

Of course the responder forgets the MILLIONS that cross our border with Mexico illegally every year. I guess she felt that part was self explanatory. Me? Go ahead and CALL me a racist you Islamofascist fucks. Racist is a misnomer you know. A word that doesn't really mean what you think it means. See you camel humping pricks..what your mouth pieces call 'racism' is actually the same 'tribalism' you backassword retard dipshits practice every single day. So go ahead..CALL me a holds no water with me.

Another reason it holds no water with me is the fact I've been called "Genocidal Maniac" for my proposed solution to you cockroaches. Which in one sense is accurate since at this point in the game I'd be quite content to glass over the entire African continent, and part of the Asian continent..including the Middle East. For all it's "mineral wealth" the continent has been nothing but a Black Hole for Money, Hopes, Dreams and Lives. Sucking the very soul from the people who stupidly continue to try and help as well as those who try to reap the profits of that mineral wealth. Notice I'm giving the latter a benefit in assuming they HAD a soul to begin with. Me? I've got no use for it. If you Islamofascist shitbags would stay on your own goddamn continent..I'd be content to just let you stay there killing, raping and enslaving your own people til your cup runneth over with sadistic joy. You pissant little peckerheads keep pushing the issue though and vow to destroy America and Israel, and have already attacked us directly more than I'm no longer a "voice of reason in the the wilderness". For more than a couple hundred years you've had a chance to give up this, this...STUPIDITY and join the modern world again. Iran for example back in the 70s' is not the Iran of today. Yet again and again..the Islamofascists gain control over and over again.

I'm tired. Tired of our own communistic power hungry, misplaced guilt feeling, America is evil fucktards trying to tear down this great country and I'm tired of you Islamofascist pricks.

So go ahead..keep pushing. If you succeed in killing enough of us..those that are left are quite likely to become even more barbaric than you[and with more modern weapons to do it with to boot] and wipe your entire religion, your entire the face of the Earth. Always remember this you homicidal moronic careful what you wish for, because what you visualize in your mind and ask for, and what you RECEIVE..are usually two different things entirely.

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