Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ahh Job Discrimination

" Forte, scraping by now as a part time substitute school bus driver, is part of a growing number of unemployed or underemployed Americans who complain they are being screened out of job openings for the very reason they're looking for work in the first place. Some companies and job agencies prefer applicants who already have jobs, or haven't been jobless too long."

I know this one to be be true my friends. I have been unemployed for quite some time. Long enough that most companies won't even bother, I suspect, looking past my last job on my resume which was a few years ago. They won't look past it and see the vast well of experience I'd bring because I've been unemployed for so long. Now stop right there boys and girls...I'm not truly whining. Pay attention. When I lost my last job 'lo those many centuries ago.. sorry couldn't resist; I fell into a massive funk.
Now because of that good sized gap in my resume most employers won't even bother to LOOK at it past that last job, which is at the top of my resume so maybe I should rearrange my resume. *shrug* That being said I can't entirely blame the companies for that. Since the bulk of the gap is entirely my own doing. The rest is because the companies, don't want to hire anyone with that kind of gap right now in an economy, that thanks to the MASSIVE overspending of Madame Pelosi, the Dem Controlled congress between 08-10 and President 'Hope and Change'; don't want to waste time, money and effort training someone that is possibly just going to leave shortly there after. I can't blame them for that.. President Obama and the entirety of his administration have made the business atmosphere so hostile, thick and real you could cut it with a knife. NBLR regulations, , more EEOC regulations., theEPA..the list goes on. Listening to some of my friends that ARE small business owners, self employed...sometimes you've gotta fill out 100 forms, in triplicate, [oh do shut up..yes this IS a gross inflation of fact..but I'm busy making a point] before you can do your damn job. *headshake* It boggles the mind

Seriously back to my other this climate, is anyone REALLY that surprised that companies don't want to invest the time, effort and money to train;or in my case retrain; someone who has stated he/she wants to go to a trade school while they're working, or in their employment application states they'll only be with the company, maybe 2yrs? Yes, by the way that is an actual question on not a few employment applications nowadays. It boggles the mind.
If we get a President,and a congress who understand all this...rips all these pencil pushing, micro minded little paper hanging bureaucratic 'agencies' a new one and make them repeal all these stupid 'rules' will flourish again. Hell it's trying to in spite of all these regulations. They're just being more miserly with their money and who they're willing to invest in. Can't blame em for that. Not hardly

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