Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another idle thought..about Occupy

You gotta wonder at some of the hypocracy in this movement. I mean think about it..they rail against the corporations and then use corporate built stuff? Ipods, Iphones, cell phones, laptops, shoes, etc etc ad nauseum.

Here's a newsflash. Do you people KNOW what the lifeblood of those corporations you rail against IS? If you guessed money then you'd be right. WHY do they exist? If you answered to provide a good or service that people want or need for a fee, then you'd be correct.. How do you kill the beast? Or at least bring it down to a "manageable size? Here's a hint..don't buy what you can create yourself. mean you can't or won't learn how to:
*sew your own clothes
*Grow your own fruits and veggies
*Kill, cure, dress, prep and store your own meat
*learn the art of the gunsmith so you can build your own gun from spare parts
*learn how to load your own ammo
*if you don't want to use a gun..then, make your own bow and arrows?
*make your own slingshot for killing small game like rabbits and squirrels etc.
*build your own bicycle from parts found in a junkyard
*build your own car from spare parts
*build a 2way radio or base station from scratch
*learn how to use tools[wait you don't wanna get your hands dirty? too fucking bad. LEARN]
*learn how to take the raw materials from the fruits of your food growing and killing labor and cook a meal. [instead of just whipping out the credit card and calling the chinese place down the street or whereever you go to eat]
* learn to build a fire
*learn to.......

"but, But am I supposed to learn these things?" Well you could START by going to your local library and READING on these kinds of subjects. Then..practice makes perfect. Plus if you look hard'll find people who know how to do these things who will be willing to teach you,if you're willing to learn. long as you drop that 'holier than thou' smug attitude your carrying around on your should, you ungrateful fucktard.

Ahhh point in continuing to go down a VERY long list.
The point is this..if you don't LIKE the beast[corporations]..don't FEED it. Idiots. if you continue to feed it, you've got no cause for complaint, and are being more than a bit hypocritical.

Do I know how to do any or most of this stuff? No..I dont know how to do most of this stuff. I can however do the fruits and veggies thing, I KNOW how to cook, I know how to start a fire. I can sew..just not real well. one or two other things on that list. The don't hear ME bitching about the corporations. [there is one I'll freely gripe about and thats ATT cellular but as soon as the contract is up, I'm I can feel free to bitch without guilt]

So..really is this about the corporations? Or is it about you wanting something for nothing. A free ride? Me? From what I've seen it's about the free ride. Sorry junior...ain't gonna happen.

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