Monday, November 14, 2011

Hanging the American Flag isn't "Politically Neutral"?

Well la dee fucking DA, Professor Michael Avery!

Sending care packages to troops overseas is "shameful" Uhmm really prof you need to read your dictionary more often because that word? I don't think it means what you think it means.

feeling sympathy for troops in a war zone is “not particularly rational in today’s world.” Really must be a fan of Nietzche and his ape of a cold god theory.

Oh this guy is a real winner!

I wonder if he realizes that if it weren't for those troops dying over there..he wouldn't be free to speak his mind over here. Matter of fact..if he spoke unfriendly like against the government he'd likely just conveniently disappear in the middle of the night in most of the rest of the supposedly "free world"

So...lets check off the anti american checklist
Doesn't like the military in particular and the troops in general? DOUBLE Check
Hates the American Flag? Check

Okay just for those 2 things alone? Especially for the anti troops part..since they're ALL volunteers. IOW they VOLUNTEERED to put their LIVES on the line to protect HIS right to run off at the mouth. Got news for ya're in the wrong fucking country. Might I suggest booking the next available one way flight to hot vacation spots like Russia, China, Cuba[actually I wouldn't mind visiting there..they love old american cars as much as we do. Plus I hear some of the women are hotter than the weather. :)] and a host other places I won't bother to list. I suggest these places to you because you know what? I suspect you might be more 'comfortable' there than you are here Tovarich.

What? you don't want to go to those places for just the reason I mentioned previously about being disappeared? WOW! What a freakin shock! Don't go away mad old boy..Just go the fuck away.

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