Thursday, November 10, 2011

01/09-As if the FIRST TRILLION wasn't enough.

Obama the High and Mighty Messiah and his team of morons are proposing a further $850 billion "stimulus package" As if pissing away more tax dollars is going to make us spend/earn more and make everyone feel safe warm and fuzzy.

As if this weren't enuff the useless fucknuts whose wholly unearned and exorbitant salaries we pay with our hard earned money want to jack up the Gas Taxes by a further .10c a gallon. Ohhh goodY! Lets make it even MORE expensive to get around, to grocery shop..hell! To buy groceries because, as the cost of gas goes back up so go the prices on what we buy as it becomes more costly to ship boys and girls!,2933,386643,00.html

Oh I know what the solution is since this is all being driven by greedy assholes and ecofreaks..lets just all lay down and die look good human beings. Because after all as was so aptly[thats SARCASM people] put in the new remake of the Day the Earth Stood Still "If the earth dies you die..if you die the earth survives"

Makes me want to projectile vomit all over my glitching malfunctioning computer I tell ya.

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