Thursday, November 10, 2011


My cousin has started his own blog on blog stream. Just cranked it up yesterday.For the curious here's the link:

He decided to go right for the throat his first time out. I'm rather proud of him for that I just don't happen to agree with all he says. First he mentions the upcoming presidential elections briefly. Probably a smart thing being so brief because my own opinion is well known to those I call friends and family. IE I hate the government and what it's been up to. All this party hitting is annoying in the extreme. [it's the republicans fault/it's the democrats fault] is getting seriously fucking old people. If there is a problem fucking fix it already and stop squabbling![I know he agrees with me about the party hitting.] Then he brings up Corporate America and how they got us where they want us. I love my cousin but.......if you don't want to use something don't. Don't use it and then bitch about how fucked up it is.

The War. He talks about the war and how if Bush declares a state of war exists then Bush doesnt have to leave office. Possible....yes. Likely? Not fucking hardly. Would you really wanna stay in a job where the otherside and some of your own tell you your wrong, your evil, you should be tried and imprisoned? Me personally I'd quit and tell them on my way out the door" If you think you can do a better job go right ahead, but dont come pissing and moaning to me when you find out I was right." My cousin then says a few other things and then dives into the war itself. He says the constant strife in the middle east is not our problem. WRONG! it's the World's problem. And if the world doesnt deal with it then the world is screwed. The fight in the middle east is like ww2 it's for all the marbles boys and girls. if the radical muslims are allowed to run rampant and either kill or convert the rest of the middle east we are in seriously deep shit. I want you to get this...I really do. They're only goal is to KILL US ALL! they dont want to convert us to their "Religion of Peace" they want us to DIE! So I have to disagree with my cousin when he says"Why waste our resources on a rat hunt?" The answer is because the rats are rabid and carry a very nasty plague called Radical Islami Fundamentalism. It will kill as many people as the Black Plague if we let it, As sure as I'm standing here. You don't try to reason with a rabid kill it, before it can kill you.

He then moves on to Katrina. He says that New Orleans should be rebuilt. Ya know what I got no problem whatsoever if you wanna live on a leaky boat. Just dont come whining to me when it sinks, because YOU didn't make the necessary repairs. You know there was all this screaming and whining about how the gov't knew that the walls wouldn't survive a big storm like Kat and did nothing about it. I would point out that a.) How often does a storm like that actually happen AND (more importantly) hit that area. the answer is to the first half a little more often then before and to the second half, not that often all. b.) the city and state gov't of Louisana and New Orleans got the same report why didnt they do anything about it? The answer: because they wanted the Federal gov't to foot the entire damn bill. didnt want to spend any of their money for it. The Feds said (rightly i believe) Fuck You we are not sticking every other tax payer in the US with the bill for this because you choose to live in an under sea level bowl! We'll help defray some of the cost but we WILL NOT pay the entire freight. The New Orleans city and the Louisana state gov't then spent the next several years not taking up the burden (and make no mistake it's THEIR burden, NOT ours) Then after the hurricane hit said it was ALL the Feds fault because they knew and did nothing about it. Again NEWSFLASH! The City of NO and the State of Louisana got the same fucking report at the same fucking time!

And Back to Politicians: A snippet from the end of my cousins blog.

"Shame on the politicians that have allowed this situation to manifest it self.
Shame on the government and parties involved who have not done what is necessary and right to fix our country. "

Sorry cuz wrong answer. The answer is shame on US! For continually either electing the same kind of politician or relecting over and over again, the same worthless sacks of shit who have been wasting our money for decades!

Someone once said "the people are going to get the government they deserve" or something like that. I can't for the life of me remember who. OTOH it doesnt matter since the sentiment is entirely true. we keep putting these bastards and bitches in office. Now we are reaping the rewards. So being that this fall and fall 2008 are election periods I say this.........Show some brains! Don't elect or re-elect the same crooked asswipes again. it's time for a clean slate. People like you and me who will fix the problems and not whine about them and blame it on the other party, fattening their own wallets while at the same time emptying ours! The government is supposed to be of, for and by the people; not some dipshit that's only in it for his own enrichment by taking money from PAC's It's time the people in office were sent a reminder of that. Don't vote for the black guy if your black, just because the candidate is black. vote for the guy who is gonna fix the problem and I don't care if it's a little fuzzy 3ft green alien from uranus.

And here endeth the sermon.-

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