Thursday, November 10, 2011

07/07-politics rant/general rant

I was admittedly probably somewhere between annoyed and pissed when I wrote this.

found this post in the Tavern by Robert Thompson and thought people would find it interesting. Especially since I the wolf will expand on it...probably profanely. that doesnt surprise anybody coming from me does it? ::G::
Have you ever noticed that when respected authors speak of media reporters in
the future, they tend to use names that were respected? Winchells,
Cronkites, Murrows, etc? I believe David Weber used the term "winchells" in
Apocalpse Troll (have to re-read to be sure - yay!). Anyway - what if the Baen
authors, at least those who know that MSM is seriously undermining any
attempt to rid us of the plague of Islamic terrorists started calling all reports
"Durants" after Will Durant. I realize that's getting a little obscure and
most reporters wouldn't have a clue (nor the wits to purchase one) as to
who Durant was - but I know the barflies know about Durant's lies which won
him a Pulitzer Prize. Or - to make the point less subtle -
Durant/Quislings? I realize that the vast majority of reporters can't read but still,
wouldn't even a little pinprick be worth the effort?


Rob T.

Now I shall go even farther. Call them Durants or Quislings? Nay, I suggest we call the entire MSM establishment what it is. Let us call a spade a spade. Let us call them the "Adolf Hitler Committee for Peace" [or Josef Stalin..take your pick] The egotistical needle dicked fuckers want to be in control and tell us what to think, How to act, Who we really are as people, etc. Ring a bell? Of course our crop of politicos are just as bad, not surprising since I think they are all closet members. Come out Come out you fascist communist scum I want to kill you all; and its hard to do without being lambasted without proof positive hardcopy about your leanings. **head scratch** OTOH I suppose I could live with being run out of town, ostracized, hated etc...just so long as society learns from it. If it isn't promoting they're agenda they don't want to hear it. They ridicule it. We on the other side of the equation can be just as guilty of that but we back it up with facts, not fearmongering bullshit.
You know what? Lets expand this to encompass others who espouse similar 'America is Bad, Its ALL America's warmongering fault' horseshit.

Actually a chat I had last night precipitated this little....[okay its time to call a spade a spade again and call this what it is] RANT. I was talking with Sarah Hoyt last night and she had told me a story about something she did that had me rolling in the aisles. I'll have to ask her permission to tell that story so maybe later. I'll just say it was about Peace Protestors [fucking morons living in the past or la-la land] and let it go at that. She had posted something near/around they're camp. A disparaging something I might add, ::Grin:: and I suggested calling them what they really were. I despise people who refuse to live with the reality that as long as there are more than 2 humans on the face of the earth there will not be peace on earth. It's just not gonna happen. Why? because you lamebrained fucking peacenik labrats there are ALWAYS going to be those that want total dominance and to enslave those under them and those that are NOT going to let that go without a fight. Guess what I like to escape from reality too. I escape into the world of movies, music and video games but I don't HIDE from reality. The aforementioned lamebrained labrats known as Peaceniks do hide from reality. Then they get all offended and shit when you call them on it. I forget who said it or the exact wording of it but reality is 'To live in peace, be prepared for war'. In other words as so many people try to pound into hard heads Freedom is NOT free. You have to fight for it to gain it. Also make no mistake once you HAVE that freedom, you're going to have to kill to keep it because there will be others trying to take it from you. DEAL WITH IT! Actually someone pointed out to Sarah and she mentioned it to me that 'Peaceniks' are some of the most useless, insular and violent people there are. So much for love not war huh? That little fact is the reason our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment. I believe they foresaw a time in the [to them anyway] far distant future when the government they created of, for and by the people would be twisted by the powerhungry or some outside influence and used to subjugate their descendants to come. So they gave us a means to GUT IT! Thats right, the 2nd amendment. *headscratch*
You much as I hate anyone...amending the constitution I think there is one amendment I'd love to see written. Well 2 actually.
1.There will be no "Gun Control". Gun Control is just a euphamism for disarming the general populace so the government can dominate it. Any politician that suggests it, is to be immediately shot in the head....with a subsonic .22 right between the eyes. I don't wanna splatter brain matter ALL over the congressional chamber after all.
2.There are to be from here on out, NO more suggestions to amend the constitution. There's nothing wrong with it. QUIT FUCKING WITH IT FOR PERSONAL,PROFESSIONAL,MONETARY GAIN AND POWER; YOU GODDAMN, SHEEPFUCKING......ASSHATS! **Me? Hate politicians? I can't believe you'd think such a thing!** And No, thats not steam coming out of my ears. I don't do that anymore..its bad for my blood pressure. Hmmm..I think thats enuff for now. More later Me thinks.

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