Thursday, November 10, 2011

01/08-Politcs. Politicians and the Media

2 of my LEAST favorite sets of fools in the whole world.

The Democratic debate...didn't watch it, though I hear today that it got UGLY. Obama, Hillary..girls girls; if you wanna have bitch fight go do it in the privacy of one of your homes. I swear to christ...if it weren't for the fact I've better things to do with my life than JAIL I'd start ripping off political heads and using them for fucking BOWLING BALLS!.....and I don't even like to bowl.

After the Nevada repub primary, some of the political pundits were talking about how race gets brought up. Well lets see the candidates bring it up everyday...if THEY don't the pundits aka the selfproclaimed political experts *snort*..[now theres a deep pile of horseshit] If the politicians and pundits dont the goddamn MSM does. If the MSM doesn't one of the selfhelp groups aka The Black Panthers, the Rainbow Coalition,Lulac etc ad nauseum[another bunch of people I absolutely LOATHE] does. One of the pundits on whatever newshow I was watching, [I forget which] said something along the lines of 'who keeps bringing race up? No one wants to talk about it because all it does it cause fights'[or something to that effect] oh horseshit. You guys love regurgitating this shit and chewing it back up and swallowing it again, then regurgitaing it again over and over like stale vomit. STOP IT! It's beyond annoying.

The recession...riiiiiight. The Masticated Sewage Media has been harping recently on the either [depending on which fool you happen to be watching] the recession we're IN or the one that is coming. *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* Knock Knock! Anyone home? Let me look in your ear...nope...just like I thought theres a sign in there that says space for rent. By constantly HARPING on the pending recession *snort* and making people panic [namely the even bigger nitwits on wall street who listen to them] the MSM and the panicking populace make it a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY. Still don't get it? wait wheres my clue by 4? I think someone needs some intelligence beaten into them. *rummages around* ahhh rats can't find it...time to hit home depot for another one. Now where was I?..............
Ahh yes, to put this in plain language that even a 12yr old can understand..if you run around CAUSING otherwise supposedly intelligent people to freak out and sell off their assets out of fear, [among other stupid things] you CREATE the goddamn recession. So please, PLEASE boys and girls before you freak out...consider the goddamn source of the news of the "pending" recession. Tell them to fuck off and die; then go about your merry way. IF everyone does recession. Of course it would also help if the goddamn federal government got a clue and got their fucking spending under control.

The debate over global warming. nope we are not EVEN going there.

The merits of one party over another...while I tend to vote Republican...[a test I took about 10yrs ago or thereabouts as a gag said my political leanings are far right of Atilla the Hun..funny. When I'm truly pissed I make atilla look like a pansy, kill em all and let god sort em out doenst even BEGIN to cover it when I'm that pissed] at this point both parties are absolutely beyond useless, and beyond help.

The war in own personal thoughts. We need to STAY. Every country in every war we've ever fought..we've stayed. Whether to keep the peace, help rebuild or both. Building a democracy from the ground up while replacing a religious [and greed] driven dictatorship does NOT happen over night. Nor does it happen in a few short years. If we pull out now, we'll end up right back in, with probably 10x the casualties. Why? Because the government lacks the will and the people of the US have become a bunch of 'I want it now' instant gratification fucktards? If we have to go back in [because some nitwit pulls us out] one of several possibilities is [far as I can tell] gonna happen.
1. A shitpot full of our boys and girls in greater numbers than I care to think about are gonna die in wholesale fashion and we win. 2. A shitpot full of our boys and girls in greater numbers than I care to fathom die in wholesale fashion and we LOSE.
3. Who ever takes over the white house says 'fuck this shit, I'm not spending anymore time, money and american blood on these goatfuckers' and nukes the entire region from one end to the other. Hello World War III.
4. Whoever takes over the catbird seat in washington says 'war is not the answer' and gives away the store lock, stock and fucking barrel..kiss the US as we know it or would have it...goodbye. The muslim [and other] fucktards spread terror and death from one end of the US to the other...Well, we brought that one on ourselves didn't we? then see #3
If we stay and finish the goddamn job we gain an ally. We cut and run, no one in the region will EVER trusts us; or take us at our word again. Although they don't really trust us for the most part NOW anyway. Go figure

sigh..discussing politics always makes me cranky so if I've freaked anyone out....wait a minute. Those of you who read my entries KNOW this already..what the hell am I worried about?

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