Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kiss your civil rights goodbye.

Something that hasn't been getting much talk that I'm aware of outside of Foxnews is the voting on the newest Defense Spending Authorization bill and what was BURIED in the legislation.
What Rand Paul said BEFORE the vote on the Udall Webb Amendment to the DSA.

WHY he said it.

and if you read further down the bill it gets BAD.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus..just got led like lambs to a slaughter.

Obama told us HIMSELF he intended this TWO YEARS ago...
Holy shit I agree with something Rachel Maddow says. Then of course
It's a really bad day when I agree with some thing like the Democratic Underground.

Well THAT settles it..I AM in hell.

I want you to think about this...I'm praising 35 DEMOCRATS for realizing what an insanely bad fucking idea those provisions in the Defense Spending Authorization bill were. Something that 60 others..including the rest of the republicans..FAILED to grasp.
I mean really...I'm praising 35 Liberal Dems..some of whom I personally hate with a purple passion and whose future graves I'd cheerfully offer to dance upon, for standing up where the republican party failed to. I'm...I'm...feeling totally mindfucked right now.

I honestly don't think that a very large chunk of my fellow American citizens groks just how bad this is. "Well the Republicans can just vote to rescind that portion
" If they were gonna do THAT they could have done it with the Udall Webb Amendment to remove that section entirely from the DSA! The Udall Webb Amendment was defeated 61-37. 47 of those NAY votes to deny this amendment were REPUBLICANS! Think about that..out of 61 who voted AGAINST this amendment. 47 were republicans. Of the 37 who voted FOR this amendment..only TWO were republicans...the other 35 were DEMOCRATS.

I think it's safe to say that this is the day that the America of our forefathers...the land most of us love...was murdered in cold blood for the sake of power.

You think we can get it back? Then remember this..those who take and wield power very rarely give it up willingly. It has to be taken from them, in turn.

For those of you who are like me..Babylon 5 fans..we the citizens are now the Narn..just before the Narn Centauri war. Lets hope we're luckier than the Narn were at the "end" of that conflict.


  1. Just proof that the Republicans can be just as totalitarianist as the Democrats, given the right cause.
    I'm pretty well convinced that the Repub oppo to Udall/Webb was that the "wrong" side proposed it. Funny how that seems to work out a lot of the time.
    "If you don't have anything to hide" is a phrase that just sets my teeth on edge, and God deliver me from those who are trying to do something for or to me "for your own good".

  2. I'm still kind of mentally fubar'd over this.

  3. I'm not. It's the War on Terror! It's for the chilllldrennnnn!!!!!
    Same bullshit song, different verse. It may have been Dead Fish who said not to let a crisis go to waste, but he wasn't the first to put it into action...nor will he be the last. The first gun control laws were a knee-jerk response to the Valentine's Day Massacre, after all.
    The Republicans have given you no-knock raids courtesy of the War on Some Drugs, why shouldn't they give you indefinite imprisonment courtesy of the War on Terror? After all, if you have nothing to hide...
    It's too bad Ron Paul is such a naif on foreign affairs, I'd love to be able to vote for him because he does get the whole freedom thing. Maybe his boy will have a better grasp on foreign affairs, and we may yet see a Paul in the White House some day.
    I'll still vote mostly Republican because they will usually pay lip service to the Constitution at least, but that doesn't mean they have me fooled.

  4. Larry..what still blows my mind is the fact that the majority of the DEMOCRATS grokked something the REPUBLITWITS SHOULD have!

  5. Of course. all my points are good ones! :)
    After all, I'm the Master of Doom, Gloom, Death, Destruction and Disaster. Look upon me and despair.


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