Saturday, November 19, 2011

11yr old being racist? NOT!

I have to wonder where school administrators and teachers brains are in all this. Because those brains certainly aren't currently residing in their empty skulls.

"The boy saw local CBS affiliate KTLA NEWS Anchor Chris Schauble in the school cafeteria, dressed in a suit and tie, walking around and shaking hands with teachers and students. Mr. Schauble was visiting the school to have lunch with his daughter, who also attends the school. Upon first glance, the 11 year old believed the man might be Obama then quickly realized he was not. However, thinking the resemblance was worth sharing he told his friend that “Obama is attending our school.” Soon, his friend told another friend, who passed it along and eventually word got back to the daughter of Schauble who took it to be a “racist” comment. When the girl reported to her teacher that that Grayson was telling people her father looked like Obama, and that it made her feel uncomfortable, the teacher passed the news to the principal who told the school superintendent, Dr. Winger."

Okay...failure point ONE. The teacher in this case could have done one of 3 things:
A." Okay child, you've told me, I'll handle it" and then never done anything about it
B. What's wrong with you child? Someone thinks that your father looks like the President and you're getting bent out of shape and having a snit? It's not an insult little one. It's a COMPLIMENT. Now go bring me the dictionary from the shelf and lets look up those two words shall we? It COULD have been a teachable moment. For which I give the teacher a big red F. Now if the child was still being obdurately well...childish. The next step should have been
C. To send a note home with the child, requesting and immediate meeting with both parents. To explain the situation to the parents who then..if THEY have any brains would have gone home and explained things to the child and made it a teachable moment.

So what did the teacher do? Passed the Buck. Dropped it in someone else's lap. In other words they FAILED to deal with the situation and it started to sno ball.

Okay it's gone to the PRINCIPAL. So what should the principal have done?
Any ONE of the previous 3 suggestions. My own personal preference would be choice B. followed immediately thereafter by C. Alas..again the PRINCIPAL...chose to pass the buck, instead of dealing with the situation..which IS HIS GODDAMN JOB!

And so now we come to the Superindendent who did what? Oh he did THIS

It was at this point, things took a strange turn. Grayson was attending the school on a waiver (due to a recent move) and the superintendent decided the appropriate action was to “recall the waiver” and send Grayson to another school. He called the parents of the boy and explained the severity of the situation and that Grayson would no longer be allowed to attend school starting on Monday. When questioned why he would not be allowed to attend school, they claimed it was because Grayson was making “racist” comments. When pressed for the details of the racist comments, Mr. Winger replied, “It was racist because Grayson was saying that all black men look alike.” But when questioned further by the parents if indeed Grayson had said that all all blacks look alike Winger’s response was, “No, he only said that the man in question looks like Obama.”"

*TRIPLE FACEPALM* Yep he flat out told the parents of the Boy, Thomas Grayson that he was being expelled for saying that the girls father looked like President Obama! *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk!!* ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! I ask again..WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS! Because they're certainly not residing in this stupid motherfuckers empty skull! So now we have the child being expelled, his waiver revoked at THAT school and the boy being sent to a different school. Alas we ALSO have this:

"Since that time, Grayson has been being bullied via texts by friends of Schauble’s daughter who have taken the “racist” label placed on the boy by the school administration to an entirely new level, calling him a “f***ing racist liar” and a “stalker” among other things. Word of this has also spread to Grayson’s older sister’s school where she is also being taunted about her brother. The bullying texts have yet to be addressed by the school administration."

Here's the rest of the blog article I got this from:

In conclusion...what we have here is a failure to use common sense, as well as a failure to communicate. This should NEVER have gotten as far as it has.

Me? Anyone remember that scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where Ferris slaps the crap out of Cameron and asks him "where are your brains"?

You do? good because I'd like to put all 3 of these idiots on their knees and apply the Cluebat of Sanity Restoring to the backs of their thick skulls. Now assuming they're still conscious I'll follow that up with "Where's your brains?!"

That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.


  1. Sean. Pretty close to right. My one disagreement with you is option A. That is a stupid and unthinking way to handle the situation. I will add option D after this crap started hold an assembly to address racism. Pull the reporters daughter out and tell everyone what happened. Then state " We will not tolerate racists like this little girl at our school. She is suspended for three days along with (list of names of children calling the boy racist stalker etc.)

  2. Sanford..Option A..yes would have been stupid and unthinking....I agree with that but it would have been one way to handle it. That one I just through out there. As I said..My own preference is for options B and C.

  3. I really think we should start using D

  4. "Word of this has also spread to Grayson’s older sister’s school where she is also being taunted about her brother. The bullying texts have yet to be addressed by the school administration."

    Of course no action has been taken. There are only so many things unthinking bureauocrats can act upon in any calendar year, and things that get them in trouble with leftists take priority over moral issues.

    Mattress cover, Principal, NBA sporting equipment, some assembly required.

  5. Windy...naah. rope, tree, tarp, school officials..some assembly required. The tarp can be hosed off after you dump them in the open grave. Waste not want not.


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