Thursday, November 10, 2011

01/09- and so it begins

Obama touts aid plan's impact on average Americans:

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama met with his economic advisers Saturday after he asked Americans to support his economic package as a way to better schools, lower electricity bills and health coverage for millions who lose insurance.

Ahhhh lovely. But I want people to THINK about this. Where is the money going to come from? Is it just gonna manifest as mana from heaven? Lovely thought but no. Its most likely going to come from a combination of 2 places.
1. Higher taxes. Yeah yeah I can hear it now. 'but wooolllffffie...he's only going to raise taxes on the rich so they pay their fair share'. eh wrong answer, thank you for playing. while he may very well do his best to fuck over the rich, the rich have lawyers to loophole and lawyer their way out of it. Besides the 'rich' already pay more than their fair share. Frankly I think the tax code should be rewritten as a flat tax.
Hmmm there's a great scene in Tom Clancy's novel that says it pretty damn well..

"What does fair mean? In the dictionary it means that everyone has to do about the same. 10% of a million dollars is still 10 times more than ten percent of a hundred thousand, and TWENTY times more than ten percent of fifty thousand. But 'fairness' in the tax code has come to mean that we take all the money we can from successful people and dole it back-- and oh by the way, those rich people hire lawyers and lobbyists who talk to people in the political arena and get a million special exceptions written into the system so that they don't get totally fleeced-- and they don't and we all know that and what do we end up with?" Winston waved his hand at the pile of books on the floor of the committee room. "We end up with a jobs program for bureaucrats, and accountants and lawyers, and lobbyists, and somewhere along the way, the taxpaying citizens are just plain forgotten. We don't CARE that they can't make sense of the system thats supposed to serve them. It's not supposed to be that way" Winson leaned into the microphone. "I'll tell you what I think 'fair' means. I think it means that we all bear the same burden in the same proportion. I think it means that the system not only allows, but encourages us to participate in the economy. I think that it means that we promulgate simple and comprehensible laws to that the people know where they stand. I think 'fair' means that its a level playing field and everybody gets the same breaks and that we don't punish Ken Griffey for hitting home runs. We admire him. We try to emulate him. We try to make more like him. And we keep out of his way."

Eloquent and put lot a much less volatile way than I'm likely to. Basically one way or the other the 'little guy' thats us 'the people', 'the working class' are going to pay. Either with a higher taxes for us to pay or because 'the rich' have to raise prices on everyday household for one, to make ends meat so they in turn can pay THEIR employees. Why the hell most people lack the common sense to see this blows my mind

2.The Fed [meanin the US gov't, meaning the US federal treasury] will print up and put more money [from $1 bills up to $100 with a probably a huge infusion of 10's 20's and 50's] into circulation thereby devaluing the US dollar. Thereby sending us into an even DEEPER recession and quite probably into a truly ugly depression.

Its common sense and simple arithmetic people..the bailout package proposed by a democratic congress and supported by Pres Bush didn't work. Neither will this new 'Stimulus Package' Its smoke and mirrors designed to distract us from the fact we're about to get corncobbed.

feel free to comment and discuss this amongst yourselves. I of course reserve the right to tell anybody who gets truly ugly to sit the hell down, shut up and chill out. My den my rules.

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