Thursday, November 10, 2011


Be advised I was pissed when I wrote this...Wolfie

In a stunning victory last night The Democrats won control of the House AND Senate. They picked up 26 seats in the house and 8 in the senate. I'm trying VERY hard to keep a positive outlook about this but, I'm not succeeding so far. They intend to make Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. What does this mean for the future? Well to answer your question let me ask you another one. Do You FUCKING MORONS who went out and voted these people into control WANT TO BE TERRORIST TARGETS?! Let me assure you that if we pull out of the war in Iraq, We will be hit again. bank on it people. The reason we're fighting them over in Iraq is so we don't HAVE to fight them on our own soil! The terrorists themselves released a statement within the last 2wks that said basically if the Dems won control, then THEY [the terrorists] would win the war. Why do the terrorists think that? Because the Liberal Democrats lack the will to fight unless its for the securing of their own personal power to control. They think everyone should just get along and......."think happy, happy Thoughts." Look the quote up. its from one of my favorite movies. A movie in which people who think like the Liberal Dems had control and legislated everything. No drugs, no alcohol, No Smoking, No gas [combustion engine] powered cars, No guns,[No ability to fight back] No salts or anything that might be [OMG] unhealthy,no sex, no music..[Sarcasm alert] oh wait yes there was music..old commercial ditties. [where WERE all the great songs and music we know? gee I wonder.][sarcasm off] Where was I oh other words No free thought and freedom of expression. [oops almost paper anywhere except the machines that spit out demerits. god forbid we should cut down and pulp trees so I can actually wipe my ass!] You want to start down the path to that type of world, congratulations you just made a start. If you want to continue down that path in the future [assuming the fucking terrorists don't kill us all!] then keep the Dems in power and then give them a Democrat President in 08. Don't believe me? Then learn to read people. Also learn to read between the lines and discern the truth behind the lies the people you've just put into power tell you. Most importantly.....learn to think! The American People [and humanity as a whole] seem to have become cattle. Apathetic and just chewing their cud while waiting to be taken to the slaughter houses to be killed and carved up for the enjoyment of the Commie wannabe's that were just voted into conrol of the gov't. OTOH maybe if the people of the US are stupid enuff to put the Liberal Dems in control, then maybe...................................
....................................................then maybe this country doesn't DESERVE to survive, at least not as the America I know and love. After all even the Romans fell and collapsed under the weight of their senators egos, lust for power,stupidity, and complacency.[and I suspect the apathy and idiocy of the general public] So maybe its America's turn I don't know; and depending on what happens in 08...........I'm not so sure I'll be able to bring myself to give a fuck anymore.

Right now, it's early, I havent eaten, and I'm disgusted and a little depressed at the turn of events this morning. More later after I have ingested some food to fuel my brain.

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