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05/07-Politics in general

It should be noted that I was only "annoyed" when I wrote this..not pissed off. :)

Ahh Politics! Where to start....hmmmmm.
Okay lets start with the Iraq War. Okay get something straight. Its not really the IRAQ War. It really should be called The Terrorist Wars. Iraq? Iraq is just one theatre of operations. One campaign. After we're done there we'll move on somewhere else...Iran probably. Something no one wants to talk about or admit to is this...We're going to be at war somewhere in the Middle East for some time to come. I've been thinking about this. We can NOT afford to pull the troops home. Now I'm not saying that as soon as we pull out we'll be hit by another attack here at home. I don't believe that will happen until AFTER the 08 elections. If the Dems win I fully expect an upsurge of terroristic acts. I fully expect to be hit here at home if the Dems win. Why?, Because they Terrs know that the dems will do NOTHING. The first thing the democrats will start doing is gutting the military yet again. The other thing they'll do is jack taxes up thru the roof, but that has nothing to do with this discussion...yet. [pay attn we'll cover taxes later..maybe tomorrow]
Now one thing that WILL happen as soon as we pull out is everything we've accomplished will go down the toilet. The Iraqis are not ready yet to take care of themselves. Its not that they won't try its just that the Iraqi's are.....well call it; still growing up out of adolescense. [for lack of a better phrase] The Dems think whats going on NOW is civil warfare? Nope...the wholesale slaughter that was going on daily before we stuck our noses in the door was civil warfare. At this point its been relegated to a admittedly lethal one but still just a brawl.

Global Warming....
"Oh no we're all gonna DIE! We're killing our mother!" So sayeth the global warming activists/alarmists. Arrogance! Hubris! Blind Pride and Stupidity! . There are more than a few species on the verge of extinction, guess what...its called natural selection! aka Evolutionary Change...its supposed to happen. The world around us is in a constant state of flux, we are NOT going to change that. We might however adapt to it, that will be the only way the human race survives; because we are MASTERS of adaptation. Matter of fact the alarmists need to get this thru their heads and take this statement to heart. Protect the planet from us? For crying out loud what dimension to you live in. We are nothing more than PARASITES to this planet. In case you haven't noticed the planet is CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KILL US! Helloooooo! Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Hurricanes? Any of those ring a bell? Its the planet itself trying to RID itself of US. The thought that the planet needs protecting is laughable. The planet will be here LONG after we've either left it or wiped ourselves out. Then a new dominant species will emerge eventually to take our place. Personally I think it'll probably be super intelligent cockroaches; [ala' Red Dwarf I think it was]but whatever species emerges they will go the way of the dinosaurs or evolve and expand as well. Now it's possible if we can get our shit together we MIGHT as a race survive on another planet or planets somewhere...but I have my doubts most days. I could keep going on this but it'll just tick me off.

Rosie O'Donnell...
I must be a masochist and not know it to watch The View for the first 20mins everyday. Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot AND a bully. If you ever watch her on the View you know she just rolls and yells right over everyone else, most especially the lone Conservative on the show Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Rosie is so stupid its scary. I mean come on. When talking bout the Twin Towers "it must be the first time in history that fire melted steel" She OBVIOUSLY doesn't know how steel is created and molded into the various girders, bars and assorted forms in which we use it. the world a favor and get a lobotomy and live the rest of your life as a vegetable.

Politicians in general....
Now, look I realize we need them to a small extent to make sure things run. OTOH Politicians have become a de facto aristocratic class lording it over the very people their supposed to serve. Frankly I'm sick of it. I'd love to execute pretty much all of the current batch serving. Unfortunately stupidity mixed with greed isn't a punishable crime. ***scratch scratch*** come to think of it...if that we're a crime it would thin out the general population as well. Anyway...I believe that just like the Office of the President, there should be a term limit on all political offices. 2 Terms, terms being defined as 2yrs per term. The Pres gets to keep his 4yr terms. 2Terms is all any politician gets. If a Politician suggests a change to that they are automatically found guilty of treason, then publicly Hung and then drawn and quartered. I think that will effectively end the reign of the career politicians. More later, it'll start....

Okay I have returned to give my legions of panting and adoring fans what they want. [SHUT UP basset!] Now where was I next subject
Illegal Immigration....
There were rallies all over the US today supporting the immigrants and demanding this that and the other thing. Including citizenship. Uhmmm guess what you asswipes? You don't HAVE those rights and privlages the rest of us enjoy. Why? Well because you broke the law to get here! You flaunt and break the laws of the country to get in here and then want it's protection after shoving our noses in it. Uhmmm nope, NOT fucking happening. Go back to the garbage pile thats your home country and stay there...we don't want you here. I know some people are gonna read this and get all shocked and shaken and shit. Get over it. The illegals are called 'illegals' because they broke the laws of this country [not to mention crossing international borders] to DO IT! I've got no problem with wanting a better life. Far from it. I've made such a mess of mine, I don't blame anyone for wanting to improve their lot in life. What I object to is breaking our laws and then trying to use those same laws to justify your actions and protect yourself from prosecution. You know, I don't want to prosecute illegals...I do however want to find them, fingerprint and process them and then toss their asses back across the border with a catapult. Consider how many of the new gangs out there like MS-13 were, brought into this country by illegals from Mexico and South and Central America. They bring their violence and their fear here. Again WE DON'T WANT THEM! get out get out and don't come back. break my borders once, shame on you; break em twice shame on me. Try and break them a 3rd time and you better have your will written out because I'm done playing. Your about to sprout a 3rd empty one in your forehead.

Gun Grabbing Morons and haters of the 2nd amendment.....
You a**wipes don't get the benefit of the doubt...just a bullet. The only reason you want to disarm us is [If I've told people oncet, I've told people twicet]because a disarmed population finds it more than a little difficult to fight back against the tyrants who would hold them under the soles of their jackboots. That and the idiots in power fear what the general populace will do if they try and go to far and make "some pigs more equal than others." Frankly I'm beginning to wonder if it is not FAR past time for the 2nd American Civil war to kick off. More and More the politicians in Washington try and consolidate their power and oppress the rest of us. It's people like Brady, O'Donnell and many many others [most of Hollyweird to start with] who want to make themselves lords of all they survey. The rest of us their subserviant servants. Personally I wish all states would let ALL honest law abiding citizens carry concealed with no hassles. You present ID, Take a course..several hours of gun safety, another 15-20[for those that don't have a clue how to shoot but intend to learn]of familiarization with the basic types of guns and range time with a certified instructor. Oh and if your don't need to have the classes, you've already had em. Collect your license, choose your weapons and knock yourself out. Hell one town in...Georgia I think it was has a mandatory carry law. You HAVE to carry. Crime took a nosedive of about 85% I'll have to get the link from the webboard I found out about it from. Do this and what I'm going to suggest in my crime and criminals section crime will nosedive by at least 90% After all if you know your likely to die if you do the crime, whats the point?

More on the Terrorist War.
Okay like the basset says...stop fucking around already. Flatten the middle east because I'm sick of good men and women in uniform going over there to die. Why do we have to keep doing this? Simple because the fanatics in the middle east want to continue living in the dark ages. Okay you can live in the dark...the dark of the grave.

Lets see what else comes to mind to blow my temper on? I've covered some of the biggies..
Oh, I know crime and criminals.
Anyone currently on Death Row dies more appeals. Anyone who is a violent REPEAT offender [re, rape robbery, homicide etc] dies. Pedophiles? Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, just get in line cuz your next to die, actually never mind..get your childraping asses to the front of the execution line. I believe the police probably know where most of the gangbangers have their hideyholes where they gather like the rats they are. Gather that intel, go in, get them, and then hand them over to the citizens they've victimized. All except the very young. There might...I say MIGHT be hope for them yet. Basically all career criminals are put to death. I'm tired of paying for their avarace, greed, laziness and stupidity with my taxes and hard earned money. I can almost guarantee, the crime statistics are going to take a HUGE nosedive to somewhere close to zero.
I'm still thinking of something appropriate for the whitecollar criminals [embezzlers, money launders etc. Got it! They can replace the now dead violent cons on the road work chain gangs, repairing roads, digging ditches and picking up roadside trash.

Taxes...oooh don't even get me going. Basic jist of it is, the system as it is now is a bloated nightmare...the WHOLE gubberment. Fix the tax laws. Everyone pays a flat...[call it 10% maybe 20.] Lots of government agencies we don't need anymore vanish overnight. IRS, ATF, HUD they disappear. FBI gets reduced. Military gets the money they need. Oh and don't start with me about but that would give the rich a break. wouldn't. Even if the rich got a break down to say 5% they'd STILL pay many times more than the rest of us shut up.

Okay I think that pretty much covers it for now.

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