Thursday, November 10, 2011

06/08-Obama Claims Nominations

Alas that was pretty much a foregone conclusion in the last month or so. I kept hoping against hope that Hillary would pull it out and Obama would concede. THAT was a forlorn hope it seems. Why Hillary? Simple...if she were to win she WOULD do damage to the country but [frankly all three of them , Hillary, Obama and McCain] on the democrat side, I kinda believe hillary would do a little less. Obama will do truckloads of damage. AT this point out of the three McCain is the least objectionable. He may give away the country lock stock and barrel to the mexican illegals with his domestic policy on immigration but, OTOH we won't get it nuked out from under us by terrorists because he's trying to climb into bed with them. Obama would do just that. In his speech this morning Obama talked tough but that's all it is, is a soundbite to make him LOOK good. He promises tough diplomacy with Iran. Uhmm dude? THATS been tried before...they don't give a good goddamn about diplomacy. The ONLY thing the middle eastern countries understand is a gun to the temple...or a glassed over area of the desert that was once a city. I won't even bring up Obama's domestic policy idea..oh wait he doesnt' HAVE any real lplans. All this crap is, is soundbites for the news. You want a prediction for the future under democrats like Obama and Hillary? Fine go read Freehold and The Weapon..both by Michael Z. Williamson. Go read the Honor Harrington Novels by David attention to the 'Peoples Republic of Haven'. Read the Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. Hell why read fictionalized versions of what would happen under the Democrats? Go read your history books. Anything on Russia, Anything about Pol Pot, or books on the Peoples Republic of China. As far as China goes you don't even need to read History books, they are still up to the same old shit. Or look at North Korea under the loving hand of Kim Jung Il. Or...ahh hell I could go on but in the cases of some I suspect it would just be a waste of breathe; and in the case of others you already KNOW what I'm driving at and probably agree with me.

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