Thursday, November 10, 2011

01/08-the 08 Primaries

Ahh the primaries have begun. Isn't it exciting? No? Well I can forgive you for that sentiment since I feel the same way. All the 6 of the top 3 from both sides are saying the same thing 'you voted for change and I'm going to give it to you!' yada, yada, blah blah blah, etc ad nauseum...excuse me while I vomit. Yep they're all going to give you change alright...different person in the oval office after the 08 election...same old bullshit being spewed, same fucking games being played with our futures. Who's the loser? The American public. I trust all the candidates about as deep as I can convienently bury them inside of 10hrs....face down.

On the republican side you've got John McCain...who can't make up his mind about whether to finish the job in the Middle East Okay take that back...he can make up his mind...just depend on which poll he's read that day. Fred extraordinaire trying to get people to believe he can handle the pressure, I fail to put any faith in him. He talks a good game but thats all it Rudy Giuliani...who while definitely pro war and finishing the job in Iraq is anti gun/pro gun control. Which right there knocks him out as far as I'm concerned. You are NOT going to fight the war over in the sandbox only to take away my right to defend myself at home. Nope..NOT gonna happen. Mike Huckabee...I flat out don't know what to make of him. Ahh Mitt Romney another one that in my case the jury is still out and confused on. Then there WAS Ron Paul...the Ross Perot of the race.
We won't even bother with the Demonrats, since anyone who talks to me or reads me regularly KNOWS how I feel about them.
Ahh what the hell, why not?
ON the Demonrat side we have.
Hillary Clinton aka Health Care Hitlery. Who wants to give us the joy of Unified Universal Health Care. Think about this for a minute. She wants EVERYONE to have healthcare. Which is fine and dandy if you want to sit in an ER, bleeding on the floor for 2-3 days while your waiting for a doctor to see you. [yes that IS a gross least the bleeding on the floor part..] Do people who want her vision to come to pass NOT understand that despite the problems the system does have; and it DOES have problems; its STILL the best healthcare system in the world? Why the hell do you think people come from other countries to get operated on? If she gets in it'll be partly because of the novelty she's a woman
Then there's Barrack Obama or as I call him..Obama Your Mama. Like Fred Thompson he talks a good game but he's full of shit. The only reason he'll get into office is because of the novelty that he's black
The rest of the Democrats don't amount to much. As far as I'm concerned its a horse race between strictly those two for the Democrats. In any case if any of them get into office it'll be because of idiots who want to cure the 'social injustices' of
The differences of the rich and the poor. *snort* there will ALWAYS be those who have more than others...its a fact of life. get over it OTO side of the coin there will always be those who don't have and want to tear down and demonize the haves. I will admit there are a few who deserve it but for the most
The past aka slavery, slaughter etc. Now where slavery is ancestors got where they were by the strength of their backs, the sweat of their brows and pride in their work. Not by beating others into doing it for them. Even had I lived myself back in those times you couldn't have GIVEN me a slave. Given my low tolerance for bullshit I'd have probably taken great delight in shooting dead anyone who made me such an offer or even suggested it. Those who constantly bring up that crap are in it for one thing...their own enrichment and aggrandizement NOT for the betterment of their people. OTOH there ARE those who bring it up and whine about the "enslavement of my race"simply because they enjoy regurgitating it over and over and chewing on it like stale vomit. Frankly it bores me and annoys me to no good end.
Whoa! kinda got off subject a little bit...I apologize.
At any rate to shorten this up a little bit and simplify it. Those who elect the democrats want to be taken care of 'cradle to grave' not realizing that in giving the politicians as much power as they intend to give them; they take us down the road to our country's destruction, our country becoming a dictatorship, and the enslavement of all our fellow and future countrymen. Me cynical? Yup and nasty too.

Yes I do intend to vote who for is up in the air at this point. *shrug* Either that or I'll hit one of the triple digit lotto pots, buy a nuke and drop it on DC in a fit of annoyance.

Sigh...I HATE Politics and Politicians!

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