Thursday, November 10, 2011


I find myslef more and more worried about the coming choice/choices in November.
The Choices?

Hillary Rodham Clinton aka Hitlery. Who will give us universal healthcare for all, while bankrupting the country, pulling the troops outta the middle east, most likely cut the defense budget and leave us WIDE open for a series of attacks...the 'NEXT BIG THING' that will make 9/11 look like a sunday picnic.

Barrack Obama who will go the same route as Hitlery but probably farther because he's the darling of the party, his shit don't stink[yeah right] aaannnnd [according to pundits] a reincarnation of JFK. ONe of my family members after hanging around with me and my father all these years has said.."oh great a muslim sleeper" Which oddly enough could be true since I remember seeing a story somewhere when the race was just gettin started that Obama went to school in a Madrassa. [No I'm NOT gonna look it up, I don't feel like it at the moment]

John McCain..who while I don't think he'll let the armed forces be whittled further than they have in the past, and who might stay in Iraq. [I'm not betting one way or the other on that one in his case]
His stance on immigration makes me want to hurl. Actually one of my fellow barflies said it could really be called a stance because stance was too strong a word for McCain's position on the issue.
I suspect between his position on immigration [which changes with the wind it seems but seems to be HEAVILY Pro-illegal] and rising gas/oil prices and the rising prices of everything else BECAUSE of rising gas/oil prices...McCain will ALSO put the economy in the tank. Then there's his age...if he's elected and survives to halfway thru his term I'll be amazed. The job DOES stress and age people by leaps and bounds...whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Which makes his choice of VP even MORE important...especially if McCain wins. Hmm who are the likely candidates there...most likely one of the people who was IN the republican side of the race and dropped out. I don't intend to go through the whole list but *shrug*
1st there's Mike Huckabee. Nope trust him about as far as I can throw him.
Mitt Romney he doesn't really thrill me either but if he's in McCain might win because of the likely backlash against the dhimmocrats when they're stupid enought to attack his religion.
Ron Paul...Nope he wants to bring the troops home NOW. Before the job in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan for that matter is finished and then you get the Next Big Thing I mentioned ala Hitlery. Which is why I'm glad he dropped out of the race.

Then there's Ralph Nader who doesn't even count. He's the Ross Perot of the race...kinda sorta. At least Perot was entertaining. Nader is just a combo of annoying and boring.

Of ALL 3 candidates at this point...For me McCain is the most palatable evil. Frankly I'd just as soon the lot of them dropped dead so we can start over again..*shrug* but thats just me.

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