Thursday, November 10, 2011

02/07-Zero tolerance..*snort*

Down in Florida an 11 yr old child was arrested for improvising a sling shot out of a milk carton top and a balloon and using it to shoot a PLASTIC [see airsoft] pellet at a fellow student while jacking around.

I would point out something. Even if the kid had used one of the actual GUNS that are used to fire those pellets it wouldnt have penetrated for christ sake. I've been shot with them by a hyper active boss for shits and giggles at a range of 6 inches just to prove point. You know what? Its gonna sting like a bitch. Feels kinda like being stuck with a needle by a nurse with a heavy hand. Aint gonna kill anyone. It's a TOY PEOPLE!

If these brainless idiots want to see a potentially deadly weapon I invite them to come visit so I can use MY slingshot [called a hunting slingshot you can buy one at wally world for as little as 10 bucks] to put a half inch ball bearing upside their empty skulls at full draw of the sling. This is the fault of the Liberals and crybabys. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you this story as yet ANOTHER example of the Deballing of America by the Liberals and Democrats. God forbid we should let kids play, possibly do something stupid and actually learn a valuable life lesson. Oh no god FORBID we should actually be able to think for ourselves.

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