Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/07-Zero tolerance

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!

"Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time. It is in poor taste, reflects poor judgment, and brings discredit to the school and to the persons involved. First offenders will be warned. Second offenders will serve detention and a parent conference will be held. Third offenders will serve in-school suspension."
Coulter said she and her husband Dean wanted to contest Megan's penalty, but told her to go ahead and serve her detentions because the only other option was a day of suspension for each skipped detention.


Okay this is BEYOND stupid. What are we teaching our kids when they can't even hug their friends goodbye for the weekend? In another line in the story they say that this is 'hilarious beyond the point of ridicule'. I'm not laughing. More and more I find myself agreeing with my friends online who either send their kids to private school or homeschool and *I* aint even married with kids yet! The public education system is drowing in a morass of PC fundamentalism, bureaucracy, hyper-safety paranoia and outright gross stupidity.
To take em one by one..PCfundamentalism aka the Cult of Political Correctness. You know that annoyed me when it started and my annoyance has grown over time. An example of PC being, the schools can't spank little johnny for picking a fight and beating up on a smaller weaker kid because the spanking might *gasp!* damage his psyche. Horseshit, he was being and obnoxius little shit and a bully and has got a butt blistering coming! I got one in middle school once...only difference being; I was accused of something I didn't do and got smacked for it anyway. *shrug*
Now that I think on it that might explain my problems with authority....any way.

Bureaucracy...well that one is fairly self explanatory. ALL bureaucracies exsist simply to protect their little feifdoms and vote themselves undeserved raises and vacations.

Ahh Hypersafety Paranoia. Nope can't play any of the games WE used to play as kids. Dodgeball, boy against girl chase [thats more PC but..shrug]or anything else where..god forbid the little ones might scrape a knee or elbow. Can't play anything where there is *gasp* risk of injury. Anyone besides me remember climbing trees as a kid? Or swinging on the swings to the full upper extension of the chains just to launch yourself into freeflight? Ahh those were the good times as a little one. Was up with my mom at the school track so she could walk the other day and found myself with the almost irresistible urge to go to the swings and have at it..except now...with my less than high tolerance for pain at this stage of my life the landing would.......HURT. That an the extra 50-60lbs or so I'm carrying might have something to do with it. :G:
In this day and age of PC and Hypersaftey paranoia its considered by idiots who believe that tripe to let your kid climb a tree, jump from a swing or let them do bmx races in the neighbor and make a dirt track for them to do damage to themselves on. Oh no, can't let em live and learn that might 'Traumatize' them. *snort*
Gross Stupidity well for example the story that started me on this rant...when the fuck did it become such a big deal to give someone, a friend a hug out of friendship. Or the for that matter there was the story of the 4yr old child accused of sexual harrasment by its daycare provide for layin its head on the breasts of said fucking moronic bitch.

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