Thursday, November 10, 2011

02/08-The Governments job

According to me. This is gonna be a mite over simplified but deal with it.

On the federal level:
Deliver the mail
Make sure our military has what it needs to fight. Ideally I'd like to see the military grow in size so our troops don't HAVE to spend 15months in an overheated sandbox or wherever they may be deployed at the time.
Make sure the CIA has competent leadership and people and whatever monies/resources it needs to keep our troops informed of enemy movements and US aware of possible future problems/ strikes terrorist wise.
In my own view the rest of government agencies need to be drastically reduced or gotten rid of completely. [but I'm not gonna go thru the whole laundry list right now]
Make sure prisoners held in the Federal Prison System have a mattress, a pillow, a blanket and 3squares a day. No more Cable TV, no more computer access. The prisoners are their to do penance. NOT be on some multi year country club fucking vacation.
Oh and the feds will provide grants/loans to the states that border mexico and canada to enforce the immigration statutes.

On a state level:
Make sure interstate highways are in good order/repair. If it needs repair don't fuck around FIX IT!
Make sure the states National Guard units have the training, monies and supplies they need. So they're ready in a time of disaster or war.
The state prison system...same as on the federal level.
The states that border Mexico will use a goodly percentage of their National guard to beef up security on our border with Mexico and assist the border patrol with what they need.
I had about 3 other things in mind for the state level but they've slipped my mind.

On a City level:
Make sure the local cops have what they need in the way of training and equipment to do their jobs. If they want to carry personal firearms instead of what the city wants so be it. The officers get a monthly personal allotment of cash to provide for their own ammo and they WILL be constantly training on the range for that allotment.
Make sure the garbage is picked up
Make sure the city streets/sidewalks are in good repair.
Make sure the city buses run on time WITHOUT killing people

On the whole other than the reasons listed the elected officials WILL sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up. They work for us NOT the other way around.

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