Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Day on America's Death Row's

Busy day on Death Row.
Piece of Shit #1 Reginald Brooks. Murdered his 3 sons [11,15,17] after his wife filed for divorce.
He was executed in Ohio at 2:04 pm while flipping the witnesses a double bird. No last words. His ex wife isn't going to miss him that's for sure

So scratch dirtbag number one.

Piece of Shit #2 Oba Chandler-put to death an hour ago in Florida for the brutal 1989 triple rape and murder of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters Michelle and Christie. Real charming soul this one. He raped them, then tied them to concrete blocks and dropped them over the side of his boat...ALIVE.

The picture above is of the mother and 2 daughters.

Only one more left to die at 6pm today..here in Texas. a little less than 2hrs from now.
Guadalupe Esparza.[34 at the time of his crime] Convicted of the brutal rape and murder of 7yr old Alyssa Marie Vasquez

Make no mistake. I feel no pity for these pieces of human shit. I personally think for their crimes their deaths are way to swift and merciful. Way, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy to swift and merciful.

Update re Esparza HE'S A GONER! goodbye douchebag. have fun roasting in hell.


  1. I kind of like the concrete blocks off the boat idea for the three murderous scum...what's good for the goose and all...

  2. I have a 'slightly' more vicious idea for Chandler. off the walkway into a tank full of sharks...in a feeding frenzy.


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