Thursday, November 10, 2011

05/08-deep thoughts

Okay, now I've just started actually reading the bible [oh no! religion!] but from what little I've read so far [1st few pages of genesis] and what I remember of scriptures qouted over the last 30 some odd years of my life...god created the world and everything in it. then he created US. Then he gave us free will, and basically dominion over the earth. Also a set of guideline[rules] to guide ourselves by. He gave us free will to do and act as WE see fit. To shoulder responsibility for ourselves..[okay bare with me here...this is probably gonna get a little most everything else I think about]

Now as I think on it..all the things going on, as it pertains to the world in general and the US and politics in particular. I see people either having that freedom takin away [dictatorships etc] and others just flat out giving it up and saying 'here we're your slaves take care of us from cradle to grave, we don't want responsibility. we want you to make our decisions for us'. We have political candidates on one side of it willingly taking that control, and who would gladly ENFORCE it on those of us who actually want control of our own lives, our own.....destiny. [some on the other side of the equation are just as guilty...that razor cuts both ways] I look around at all the crap going on in the US and wonder..have we become that lazy, that uncaring of ourselves, that profoundly.....ignorant? Maybe ignorant isn't the right word...perhaps complacent? If you give over TOTAL and COMPLETE control of your life to something as nebulous as a government, then at that point you're no longer [to my mind].....worthy of the gift of free will. The whole point of free will is to take responsibility for your own actions, to exercise your own judgement.
Our country is founded on those very prinicples.

Certain peoples in the current generation seem to be hell bent on giving away that very free will.

look...throughout history there have been examples of every other form of government. History shows us that they're total clusterfucks, that don't work for the majority of the people.
Then a few hundred years ago the founding fathers of our nation came together with an idea to found a country based on freedom and equality for everyone, not just the few who rule. Freedom from tyranny, freedom from slavery, freedom from those who would take away our free will, our right to make our own decisions, our own choices. Every war which our country has ever fought has been about protecting those freedoms..or to grant them to some other country who's had it taken. Yes those wars had other reasons but at the base of it[I believe] was that basic premise.

Our country isn't perfect but its the best around. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Our people aren't perfect either....NO person anywhere is, but as a collective whole we generally do whats right and just. There's an old saw that says "those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it" of course if you don't understand what your studying your gonna be doomed to failure. I don't think most of the upcoming generation have truly studied history, let alone understand it. I honestly don't think the current batch of people that are 'supposed' to be representing us within the government understand it either. Either that or they've just become so jaded and convinced of their own superiority that, they THEY [the powerful few] know whats best for the rest of us lowly peons.
Those jaded few subscribe to a philosophy [whether they'll admit it or not] of socialism/communism, or you can call it marxism and let it go at that. They are starting to spoon feed it to the kids and if thats all the kids know we as a democratic country are doomed.

Now this current generation that I spoke of earlier generally tend to be in the democratic party or the far left of that party if you prefer. they are a cancer that will destroy this country or at the very least begin the destruction. The upcoming election is a perfect example. Both of the current candidates on the Democratic side will take away our rights, our free will. They say what they're doing is to truly grant equality to all...nope, sorry freedom to starve and die; or get lost in a medical system that will be ponderous, even MORE bureaucratic than it is now and slowly die because of all the rules, regulations and red tape you'll have to wade thru before you even SEE the goddamn doctor; or commit suicide to save yourself the agony and despair ain't what I call equality or freedom. Yetthe ranting and raving of all those of us who have some understanding of this falls on deaf ears...the very politicians who are supposed to be our representatives aren't listening.

At this point I can only see 2 futures if the dems assume complete control. 1 they start the dismantling of our country as a democratic society or 2.We as a people act on our right, no our DUTY to overthrow a government that becomes as tyranical as the same one our fore fathers fought to get us away, and protect us from. Unfortunately sometimes in the darkness I believe the 1st is more likely than the 2nd.

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