Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy DC

What is one of the chief complaints of the Occupy movement? Jobs. Yet when these guys:

Go in and set up a job bank. Real jobs, real applications for work?

Nope. Nope annnnnd. Nope. Well after talking with more than 30people they had 2 fill out applications. One for Disney and one for*snicker* Solyndra. Which is really rich when you consider they failed and are now up for sale in bits in pieces.


  1. I get stuff from all the time about tech and engineering jobs gone wanting. When the right one comes up I'll be all over it, until then I'm happy where I am.
    Jobs for transgender basket weaving majors, not so much.

  2. yep but these people are like me...jobless. Soo their turning their noses up? I am too..but for logical reasons. 1 being that I keep getting sales job offers. I SUCK at sales, and...did I mention I suck at sales?

  3. My point is that if you have spent 80 large on your useless Masters degree in underwater self-gratification, don't cry to me when you can't find a job in that career field making $100K a year and you are deep in student loan debt.
    I'm betting that's not much like you at all...

  4. when you put it that way, no. Hell one of the neighbors told me about a possible job building janitor. got to look into it I suppose. not that it's what I WANT to the same's a payday.


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