Thursday, November 10, 2011

10/08-The Debate

They were saying last night that the debate crowds were filled with undecideds...somehow I have a problem believing that. Needless to say I didn't bother to watch...same crap different day. there's an interesting turn of phrase, what the hell is there to be undecided about. You either like Obama and what he says/apparently stands for or you like McCain. Its a simple binary solution set...not rocket science. Its less than 30days to the election...and you can't make up your mind? Okay...shit or get off the damn pot, pick a frickin horse in this race already.

No wait.............I have a better idea. Since you obviously don't have brain in your skull, just empty air or your so braindamaged that you might as well be in a coma; do everyone else a favor..Stay home and don't vote come Nov. 4th.

In other Election of the radio stations took a poll last night before the debate. They announced the decisions this morning [just not the percentages] the question was:
This debate will..
A.Help me make a decision between candidates

B.Confirm I've chosen the right candidate

C. Annoy the hell out of me

Can you guess what the most popular answer was?

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