Friday, November 18, 2011

Idle thoughts

Hmmm..nothing really interesting to see here. move a long. move along. OTOH if you really want to stick around I won't object.
Questions, thoughts, stupidity bouncing around my brain
What's for dinner tonight? Good question. I know what I'm fixing for others but what the hell do I want for myself? That is the burning question in my mind now that I've just finished scarfing down lunch.
What was lunch you ask? Okay I'll tell you. Scrambled some eggs and fluffed them out a little with some milk, then dumped into a skillet with some diced ham, onions, bacon bits[the fake stuff..not real bacon..*shrug*] and some red pepper flake. Salted and peppered then cooked. melt some cheese, toss in some ranch dressing and VOILA! lunch of kings.

What's for thanksgiving dinner? okay that one isn't really a question...the family and I decided that last night. Turkey, rolls, stuffing[real home made stuffing..not the in the box stuff..though I like that too]mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes[not sure whether those are going to be mashed or baked] olives[for mom] and gravy. Oh and probably the cranberry stuff. Don't really need anything other than that. I believe in the KISS principle.

I'm reading Titanicus by Dan Abnett right now. Will probably jump off the web in a little bit and attempt to mostly finish it before dinner. I think I've mentioned before how much I REALLY love the Warhammer 40000 universe since I discovered it. I want the new video game for the computer for it. Need a video card for the computer first. Need money for that first. Sadly there are many other things that NEED to be dealt with before I can play that way. Danggit. I could probably get away with playing Unreal Tournament...the on board graphics of the mobo should handle that I think. Card would be better though. Meh

I find myself wondering why my computer is running a tad slower. Well ..probably should have dl'd all that porn. oh well. porn deleted. probably ought to download, install and run malware bytes just to make sure..nothing slipped through. Plus I'm ripping all my CD's into the computer..not half done yet. Then got to go through and rip the cd's that I like that are in the stacks of the rest of the famn damily. Meh. Went to run a deep scan last night to discover..oooh software update for my AV. Okay I don't DISlike the interface. However I do have 2 minor problems with it.
1. The interface window only comes in one size...SMALL you can't expand it..THAT I find annoying.
2. What happened to the threat meter..I LIKED having that. It was probably a useless little widget but it made me feel better and it LOOKED cool.. *shrug* yeah I know that gripe was a little childish and stupid.

Still contemplating installing my several year old version of MS Reader. in my new Win7 computer. I freakin love that program and if it will work on my new Win7 system without any software also means I don't have to download calibre and convert all those files to Kindle. Not having to do that would make me very happy., not to mention save me time.

I probably should have shaved last night when I several day shadow of a beard is driving me NUTS with itching.

Just a few of the random thoughts bouncing around inside my head.

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