Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain allegations

Your favorite wolfish one hasn't said much. I find this article by Andrea Tantaros pretty on point though.

Suffice to say I believe these accusations not at all. As I said elsenet..anyone who hires Gloria Allred that ambulance chasing female gloryhound of a hack lawyer, as their representation..
well lets just say their word and their judgement are EXTREMELY suspect.


  1. 1 would be BS. 2 would be odd. 4? There's no way to know, especially when everyone involved is acting a bit shady.

    My take:

  2. I thought it was curious that all of a sudden, just as his campaign was gaining traction, the accusers started coming out of the woodwork.

  3. What bugs me is the liberal bias, again. It's fine for Clinton to harass aides, diddle Lewinsky with a cigar, but these alleged allegations directed at Cain are 'Oh so horrible and demeaning toward women!'

    Clinton can cum on Lewinsky's dress, in the Oval Office and no problem that he's married and cheating while in office. Shady allegations pointed at Cain and he's suddenly an evil racist black dude hitting on white women.


  4. To be fair, infidelity as a sitting president AND sexual assault are BOTH horrible and demeaning.

    But I understand your point is more about the lack of outrage at Clinton...

  5. Actually what basset and I are both referring to is that the cases were investigated, dismissed as having no money and that the ladies in question were given some money as severance[low 5figures] and signed a non disclosure agreement Seriously? If they'd actually been trying to cover anything up then the money would As I said before..anyone who goes to that ambulance chasing hack Allred is exceedingly suspect in my book. Also to quote the church lady "Well isn't that conVIIEENNENT!" Convenient that all the sudden as Cain is getting so popular that all this shit comes out?
    Like the Basset..I call Bullshit.


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