Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Instead of presents under the tree this year...

you might want to consider stocking up on Incandescent bulbs. Stock up meaning buy all the incandescent bulbs you can get your greedy little paws on. I say this because there was a little provision passed by congress under of all people...Preside George W. Bush. I have no idea what GW was smoking when he signed this fucker into law.

"Because of those higher standards, traditional bulbs will probably be phased out, to be replaced with more efficient incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescents and LEDs."

Yes you idiots essentially killing an industry. Effectively banning them. Stifling choice.

"The government has taken upon itself to decide what people should buy," said Myron Ebell, head of Freedom Action, an activist group he described as "hardcore free market."

Exactly It is like Obamacare FORCING the choice upon the people. That is NOT the governments goddamn job.

"Even though fluorescent light bulbs cost about five times more than incandescents, Americans would save a total of $12 billion a year by 2020 if the standards are left in place due to lower electricity bills, said the Natural Resources Defense Council."

Yep and I have serious doubts about these espoused numbers. Just like with Climate change..I'm inclined to believe they're falsifyng the numbers to push their GREEN agenda.

"But what really motivated the higher standards to begin with was a desire to save energy and cut pollution. NRDC estimates the standards would eliminate the need to build 33 coal-fired power plants by 2020, when the standards are fully in effect."

How the fuck do they figure that? It's not a matter of efficiency it's a matter of USAGE and growing population that's driving the need to build more plants to keep the grid up and running and to supply the needed power to prevent black and brown outs. Idiots.

"But for critics it's all about choice. If people want to save money over the long run by buying a fluorescent light bulb, that's fine -- they just don't want the government to force people to do it."

Exactly I believe I already said that but..it bears repeating. It is NOT the governments job to effectively FORCE a choice upon people by effectively eliminating through asinine regulations one of the choices. That's not freedom of choice, that's dictatorial enforcement of unneeded laws by fiat.

"When it comes to reducing pollution, critics say cutting down on pollutants like sulfur dioxide that cause acid rain or asthma is a worthy cause. But they argue that going after carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that scientists believe causes global warming, is a waste of time.

Most of those who want to overturn the ban do not believe in global warming, despite the consensus among the scientific community."

WHAT CONSENSUS! Oh perhaps you missed this fucking memo that says the numbers were being finagled and flat out falsified

link 1. link 2. link 3. and on and on...IGNORING the fact that the planet is ALWAYS warming or cooling. It's cyclical and has FUCK ALL to do with humanity. To presume [1&3 are the most apt in this instance] that humanity can have THAT big an effect on the planet wide climate..in the microscopic amount of time we've been around on the grand geologic time scale is the very height of arrogance. Personally they make me exceedingly irritable with this shit. What has the single biggest effect on our climate? The Sun. You know, that big ball of flaming gases that lights and warms our planet on a daily, monthly, yearly, millenial and ad infinitum basis? At least until it goes out and then explodes. By which time Humanity will merely be a microscopic blip on the universal scale of time and life. A memory.

Fortunately for us Texans....
Rick Perry in his wisdom earlier over the summer signed THIS little beauty..telling the feds that they could kiss the ass of my Great State.

Now when, boys and girls, are we going to stop listening to the "sky is falling" idiots of the green movement and realize that yeah...we can go green for definitions of green but by and large what I consider green is just common sense. Where as what THEY consider green is the death of civilization as we know it. Meaning my children the deaths of a good many of the people that live on this 3rd rock from the sun. However you'll never hear THEM say that because they don't intend to follow their own rules...these egotistical self masturbators rarely do. What do I consider 'common sense'? recycling and reusing plastic water bottles. Recycling aluminum and other metals, including things like copper wire. Reusing containers if at all possible. [for example rather than being stupid and pouring grease down a kitchen sink..pour them into empty peanut butter jars.] Using filtered water out of a sink instead of buying water bottles. IOW..install a filter on your sink. $30 for the system, $25-30 every 4-6 months for a fresh box of filter replacements..*shrug* One filter will fill the equivalent of 1500 water bottles. Use stainless steel bottles, or thermos's.[yes I've actually got some] But trying to force us into electric cars, into using lightbulbs that aren't as "efficient" as others but give off sufficient light AND heat; and yes the heat is a bonus in the winter time; is WRONG. Wake up people and smell what these people and our government are cooking.


  1. First the disclaimer: I work for one of the two largest manufactures of white LEDs in the world.
    And now that's out of the way, the way you sell LED bulbs or CFLs is not by touting their "green" creds but showing Johnny Homeowner how he can save a bundle on his power bill and not have to change bulbs out as often.
    It would help if you could get the LED bulbs down under 10 bucks a bulb, CFLs are already there but they contain mercury (another fallacy of the "green" movement's support of CFLs).
    Bottom line, don't limit my choices, just show me the advantages. If there are definite advantages to the LED or CFL over the incandescent then I'll buy them.
    It's called the free market, and it works every time it's tried.

  2. But, but, but, I like having a huge increase of mercury in my landfills. I love breathing the fumes from a broken CFL! Mercury vapour is cool! And so great for the environment!

  3. Larry...I'd have probably MADE part of a switch to LED's already if they weren't 3-4x as expensive as the CFL's. I'm an LED believer if only because of the multiple LED flashlights I've purchased..holy fracking hell I love those things. To outfit my parents master bedroom would cost...at minimum $105 [7 sockets total. bath, bedroom closets x a minimum of $15/bulb actually most of the ones I've looked at are $20]
    Plus I need 3ways...I haven't seen those in an LED bulb...yet


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