Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our education system sucks? lets throw more money at it.

Okay now that I'm good and pissed off after having a discussion that veered onto this subject with a friend..
Let me point out I'm getting beyond tired of having this conversation when in world rankings we're supposedly among the worst educated as far as our kids are concerned then other nations. Yet *gasp* shockingly[NOT!]  we spend more than any other developed nation on EARTH, on education, per student and per capita.   The highest spending in the rest of the world is Luxembourg and in "2010" dollars they spent about $15,000 per student in 2007!  Here's hint...want to know what The State of New York alone spent per student in 2011? $19, has almost assuredly gone up in the last 2yrs.
The District of know...are nations capitol?  Spent just a few dollar shy of $18,500. HELL!  Alaska, a state with a population of less than a million people even spent $16,674.  So tell me again how throwing more money at the problem is going to fix it?  Newsflash it's not.  You know what most of the highest spending states almost all have in common? They are NON right to work states. That is...union states. There are a few exceptions to the rule. The following Right to Work states all spend over $10,000 per student per year.
North Dakota

You know what though? I'm a firm believer in the STATE being able to decide what it spends per student per year on education.  By comparison my own beloved state only spent about $8600 per student for the year 2011. I suspect  in the years I was in school that number was even less.

That being said...tossing more money is stuffing that money in a rathole to keep the rodents out. Won't work.

Oh as for where I'm getting my info?


  1. Curly -
    10 days is about 6 too many to wait between posts, mon.

    1. I know..I know! I just right when the urge strikes or a story in particular hits me. I already repeat myself as it is on certain things. Been blogging for a decade here and elsewhere. I swear I'm starting to feel like a broken record with the needle stuck in one groove.

    2. however since you brought it up I'm pontificating on a story that crossed my fb wall today.


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