Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From the truth is stranger than ficition files..

presented without much commentary save this. Sorry,  once you give someone an organ...you can't have it back.

Okay and dude seriously? "I was just training her dog"?    first time I've ever heard sex called THAT before.

okay okay, one more.  did the husband and the wifes friend cook this up between them? not admitting to and in the case of the friend..admitting to the infidelity so he could get an uncontested divorce?  And they could live happily ever after. Or maybe it was the wife and the girlfriend so SHE could get an uncontested divorce

Okay! Okay!  I'll stop now.

Remember TANSTAAFL and

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


  1. "Life is not only as strange as you can imagine, but far stranger" is a common trope/cliche' because it is true.

    1. Verily. Still doesn't answer the questions I posed near the end though. Also makes me wonder...has the entire species gone nucking futz?


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