Friday, January 24, 2014

Okay friends, romans, countrymen...lend me your..ach!

I know I know. I've been inconsistent. Although I've been consistently inconsistent for the last year or two so..*shrug* nothing new there. If I was consistently consistent mayhap I'd have more readers. That being said friends and fans of the curly wolf;  there will be one..3-4 actually sometime next week.  Barring time constraints due to lifes little foibles and irritations going on right now.  Because you know what happens in the world of National American Politics next week don't you; my fellow germs and virii?  Its the annual State of The Union address.   Or in the case of Obummer..State of the DISunion address.  So there will be my usual multi part fscking of  Obummers speechifyin.

Last year I didn't make it through all 4 parts I had because well...when you hear the same shit over and over again ad nauseum[one of Goebbels Principles of Propaganda actually. say it enough and people will start taking it as gospel after a while]]  it's annoyin'.  So I just threw my hands up in disgust and walked away from the keyboard.  I'll TRY to get through all of it this year.

I may very well post something this weekend. an idea or two is percolatin in the back o' my mind. if they gel you'll guys will get a new post to tide you over til next weeks, annual "I'm talking out of both sides of my ass as usual, what's so surprising about that?" speech.

That is all folks.

Remember TANSTAAFL and......

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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