Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The State of DISUnion 2014. Prelude

Well germs and virii. Tonight is the night. The night in which President Obama, blows lies, inuendo and smoke up our collective asses in an effort to piss on us and tell us it's raining.

Wait.  How is that different from any other day since he's been in office?  It's not...it's just a yearly televised national guilt trip. Oh wait....that's not really different than any other speech he gives really. Meh..I digress.

I took my 67yr old mother to the eye doctor this morning. They had CNN, or as my mother calls it, the Communist News Network; on a flat panel tv mounted on the wall.  Saying how wonderful Obummer is and how evil the republicans are. Mom kept shushing me in the waiting room because I kept making pithy caustic comments in response the the propaganda mouthpiec...errrrr...spindoctors....errr anchors mouthings.

In response to their whipping up class penile envy and vilifying the rich
"There's ALWAYS been rich and poor, have and have nots. Stop whining like a child. geez"

Mom "shhhhh"

In response to the announcement that Obummer is going to be drafting  an Executive Order forcing any private companies that sign up for a government contract to pay their workers a minimum of $10.10.  *Note from what's being said in the Propaganda outlets this is only going to affect NEW contracts. Uh huh...tell me another.

"Ahhh so it's for federal workers. See?  Some pigs ARE more equal than others. Newsflash you twit...Animal Farm was supposed to be a warning...NOT an instruction manual" Followed by the thought that I didn't utter aloud....'and once again our "President" acts more like a dictator or petty Kinglet. Ruling by imperial fiat and decree instead of rule of law.'  Also followed immediately by the thought..'as has been said before for a "Constitutional Scholar" he don't know the constitution at all, as he keeps proving'

Mom: "shhhh"

In a talk between pundits about Obama, what he's done, what he plans on doing

"Sigh...same shit, different day"

Mom "shhhh"

In the talk between the paid mouth pieces about Obama's wonderful recovery of the econony

muttered very quietly under my breathe "utter bullshit"

I didn't get shushed for that one. Mom was in to see the doc by that point.

On Russia and the talk that this Winters Olympics will be the most corrupt ever due to being held in Russia

Hmmm okay that one is possible I suppose.  Got nothing for that one, except wait and see.

Yet in all this

You know one of the things I didn't hear? That I, personally would have been interesting in hearing about?   In that ENTIRE 85 minutes I was in that office listening to that drivel, not word ONE about the violence and civil war in the Ukraine. Not a single, solitary word.  Why dost I find that interesting? Because it seems to me, that the people of the Ukraine are going through a similar time of turmoil as our forefathers did. Before, during and AFTER the formation of this great nation now that we call home.  A conflict that after the last couple decades  of watching our politicians, is probably coming for us again.

This has been your prelude and idle thoughts in preparation for tonights Festivities of Lies, Innuendo, Elitism and Bullshit!  Oh my good people?  If you are  going to watch this tonight?   I suggest turning OFF your bullshit detector.   Otherwise it'll be going off non stop from the time our wanna be incompetent Emporer in Chief opens his mouth. Expect the first portion of my vivisection of the SoDU address either late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

That is all.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

*Note...nooooo I am NOT going to watch the speech.  I'll read the manuscript on the screen. Like the Prez.

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