Saturday, January 11, 2014

Greatest Scifi TV shows of all time?

Okay no politics today. I'm getting enough gross stupidity from retards on facebook and I'm already having to sit on massive amount of stress and incoherent rage right now so..
A happy nonsense post for the day.  Popular Mechanics put out an article dubbed the 50 Greatest sci fi shows.  We're going to go through the  list, partially,  in reverse from 50-1 just like the mag, along with  my thoughts.

50. Thunderbirds-  Okay this was kiddy campy goodness at it's best. the characters are all puppets.I may have been born *cough cough* years after it's last original airing but I grew up watching this on saturday mornings. I might have put it a tad higher on the list but..yeah I think it belongs on it.

49. Land of the Lost-  Again grew up watching this as a kid. Loved it back then. Now? Meh.  If it's gotta be on this list then yeah it's in about the right spot.

48. Space:1999-   Never saw it. No seriously I never saw it.  So I'll refrain from commenting on whether it belongs on the list.

47.Six Million Dollar Man-  Yo Steve! where can I get all those cool gadgets to upgrade my body!  I want! I want!   Okay, not really because the surgeries and recovery would hurt like fire.  I again grew up watching this as a kid.  I wanted to be like Steve dude. screw "be like mike". I wanted to be able to run fast and effortlessly, punch through walls..see farther than anyone else . As it says in the article I pulled this list from..yeah there was lots of slow mo kicks, jumps punches etc on the playground. Complete with accompanying sound effects.  I was far from the only Steve Austin wanna be on my school playground.  When the off shoot the Bionic Woman came around there were lots of Jaime Summers wanna bes to go with all us Steve Austin wanna bes. :)

46.Dark Angel-  I used to love the show because the premise. I wanted to be Michael Weatherly's Logan Cale...with out the being crippled part.  Most of all I wanted Jessica Alba...baaaaad.  Still her character Max wasn't just sexy, she was a genetically engineered woman that could kick your ass while being all broody and dressed in black, or put on some evening wear to go sneaking and when she walked into the room...give you heart attack.  Which begs the question I'm asking of myself "Hey Dumbass? why the hell is this one NOT in your DVD collection?"  Good question. I should go out right now and get it but...funds are lacking. alack alas...

45 Knight Rider-  okay look I liked Knight Rider. Loved the car, thought Miles was hilarious and loved Bonnie.  What? I was a teenager adn Bonnie was brainy AND flipping hot! Shut up.  However whether it belongs on a list of 50 greatest sci fi Tv shows is to me...dubious.  that being said...if it's going to be in the list somehwere near the bottom of it, where it is in this appropriate.

44. Jericho-   Never seen it, so I'll refrain from comment.

43. Space Above and Beyond-  loved this show. It was the  first really GRITTY sci fi show of it's particular time frame. up until that point all you really had was the happy commie utopia land of Star Trek...which makes me wanna puke. or Earth 2 which I did not like one bit. One of my favorite authors isn't that enamored of it but..*shrug* opinions vary from person to person. This one I actually DO have on DVD.  So yes in my opinion it belongs on this list.

42 Dollhouse  Yeah I like this belongs on this list. Eliza Dushku!  Oh..Joss Whedon production...end of discussion.

41.Battle of the Planets, aka G Force -  Grew up with this one. Saturday morning, sit down in front of the tube with your breakfast viewing at it's finest. I really need to hunt this one up on DVD.  I'd have put it higher up on the list personally. somewhere in the mid 20's maybe.

40.. Life on Mars- I never saw this one so I'll refrain from making commentary on whether it belongs on this list or not.

39. Lexx I like the sexy girl...but...just couldn't get into this one. your mileage may vary.

38. War of the Worlds  I vaguely recall this tv spin off. I don't remember think it was AWESOME was cool iirc

37. Twin Peaks- WTF is this one doing on the list?

36. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Personal favorite of sci fi of mine. loved it, loved it loved it.  Come on dude transported a couple hundred years into the future while he sleeps. The one to find his ship is a screaming hot military chick in skin tight clothing played by Erin Grey. come on dudes. He's accepted into the society of the future and goes through a succession of hot women as he cleaves his way through plots against this new world of his and it's survival? awesomeness.

35. Cowboy Bebop - the title is all that should be necessary. no more words of praise need be spoken than that.

34. Caprica -meh..I wasn't that fond of the remake of BSG let alone this offshoot of  the remake.  You can take it or leave it. Is it good sci fi? yeah I just didn't like it.  Your mileage may vary

33.  Alien Nation-  honestly..I don't like the tv series anywhere NEAR as much as I enjoyed the movies.

32..  Star Trek Voyager I'm not enamored of any of the Star Trek tv series to be honest. I like the movies, just don't like the series much.

31.Lost in Space - you think it doesn't belong?  I do? Why?  Robbie the Robot...nuff said.

30 Battlestar Galactica. The original, not the reboot. Yes Yes Yes.

29..Futurama- meh it's from the people who brought us the Simpsons...not real fond of the Simpsons either. *shrug* your mileage may vary.

28.Logans Run- Loved the flick,  didn't really like the series that much.

27. Red Dwarf- ahh british humor shining through...loved this one.

1. Dr Who. 

Oh yeah!


  1. Wait... No Babylon 5? No UFO? List dismissed.

    1. Oh Puhleeeze. of course B-5 is on there. it's number...18 IIRC


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