Monday, January 13, 2014

Headline: Prison Guard impregnated by cop killer....

Okay you can stop right there.  Because all I can think is...What. The. Fuck?Here's the whole headline. Prison Guard impregnated by cop killer, in an attempt to save him from Death Row faces a year in prison.

Again I gotta ask...what the fuck?   Hold on..I'll give you some of the rest of this story. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept of a prison guard engaging in sex with a cop killing death row inmate to try and "save him"   *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk.* 

Arrrrrrgh!   nope can't do it...this woman is too mentally hosed  for mere words to convey so I'll stop trying to wrap my head around it and give you the story.

Ronell Wilson was convicted in FEDERAL court of killing two undercover officers execution during a drug bust  in 2003. The JURY sentenced him to Death...because life without parole just wasn't enough as far as the jury was concerned.   He was sentenced to  a second death sentence by an absolutely enraged federal judge because well...

Judge Nicholas Garaufis said it was "shocking" that Wilson was able to carry on a sexual affair for months with a female guard, climaxing with her bearing him a son, and manipulate other inmates and staff members for favors, while he awaited resentencing for brutally murdering two NYPD detectives in cold blood.
"Not only did Mr. Wilson's behavior in prison illuminate his continuing lack of remorse and disregard for authority, but also it shed light on the apparent ineptitude of the Bureau of Prisons," Garaufis said Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court."

This boy is a real piece of work he is...
Given his last opportunity to speak in public, Wilson criticized his lawyers for putting on a poor defense and then offered a lame apology.
"I said on a previous allocution how deeply sorry I am for the pain I caused upon your family," Wilson, 31, said, looking in the direction of widow Maryann Andrews and Rodney Andrews, Sr.
"I would like to leave on this note: To error is human, but to forgive is divine. May God bless you and your family."

The feds haven't executed anyone in a decade. So he'll probably be sitting in that sell in Indiana for the rest of his miserable life, while the taxpayers pay for his food, clothing and housing etc etc.  Lovely.

Ohhh wait....what about the security guard?  Well this kind of explains a bit.... 
Defense lawyer Anthony Ricco has asked Brooklyn Federal Judge Brian Cogan to sentence Gonzalez to probation so she can receive mental treatment, the New York Daily News reported.

Ahhh so she's a bit mentally unstable due to reported sexual abuses in her past by family members. *facepalm*  She never should have gotten the job at a prison then.

So here we have it, she's apparently mentally unstable and HE apparently sensing this manipulated her and other guards and inmates, allowing him to cold bloodedly impregnate her, in order to save his worthless ass by using the unborn, soon to be born child as an emotional blackmail chip. 

I'm with the judge and jury on this one. Ronell Wilson needs to die. Hell give him to  us. Here in Texas we practically have an express lane. We'll kill him for nominal fee. However once you give him to us oh federales...hands off because at that point whats left of his life belongs to us til we stick a needle in him and end it.
  Hell put him out on the streets. The friends and co workers of the slain officers will do the job for the state.   I say this and yet..I'm conflicted when I think of another story I read today that I may pontificate on tomorrow.

As to whether Gonzalez needs jail time or time in a rehab facility for mental evaluation and assistance. I just don't know.

Here's one link for this whole mess..

Annnnd here's another:

Remember, TANSTAAFL annd...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled and inanity.

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