Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New York Congress Critter threatens reporter with violence

Got to love politicians.. Okay no you don't. I hate them with a purple passion.

Okay you threaten a reporter on CAMERA!  Just how stupid do you have to be to do this? Okay I've pointed out I loathe 4th estate and it's members with a ferocity that is frightening to witness. I hate the PPM with a passion, I'll admit.  If it weren't so stupid for a politician to do this...I might actually be cheering this pol on. Might actually be sitting there chanting "toss him! toss him! toss him now!"

However...this reporters question was absolutely a legitimate question to ask. it's the kind of question they are supposed to ask of politicians that have been caught in some kind of fiscal hanky panky or penile patty cakes infidelity or what have you.  To threaten this reporter, and on camera no less...was a stupid and criminal act.  Or is that criminally stupid? Bah...doesn't matter how you phrase it. Grimm is a stupid fuck. The Governor should yank Grimm out of his seat or suggest his constituents recall  his dumb ass; and then
A. The reporter needs to press criminal charges
B. This boil on the ass of humanity needs to be prosecuted
C. hold a special election or what ever is done in that particular fill his vacant seat.

I don't know, neither do I care whether Grimm is a D or an R. Nor do I give a flying fuck. He needs to be gotten rid of and he's a visible symptom, concrete evidence,  of just how out of control our government on all levels have gotten. How entitled those pols feel, and just how out of touch with reality, let alone their constituents...they are. And and...And....

Jesus Christ did I just defend a reporter?  Someone check and see if hell has frozen over because,  me defending a reporter?  'Tis truly a day of days. Good grief...I wonder is someone spiked my food today when I wasn't looking...

*thinks about it*

Mmmmm nope..I cooked all my own food today, as per usual. So one spiked anything. Maybe there is something in the air..I don't know.

Sigh guess we'll just chalk this up to me hating the government more than I loathe the 4th estate and leave it at that.

Remember TANSTAAFL and....

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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  1. Violence is always a no no to me. It will only shows how they are in reality and how bad the people we have in politics.

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