Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Thoughts on 2013

Ahh the meme goodness that has passed my wall since the day after christmas as it regards new years. The Game of Thrones meme "Brace Yourselves, for all the people who say they are going to change and never do"

The more things change the more they stay the same.  Meh onward to final thoughts on a few various subject for THIS year..

Veganism, and this one is precipitated by a post on a friends facebook wall that came up on mine.   Fine you want to be Vegan?  That's YOUR perogative...don't tell me however that it's our natural state.  It's not.  We are the Apex Predator on this planet. The very top of the food chain. We are tool using, THINKING hunting, gathering obligate OMNIVORES. Which means EVERYTHING that lives must and in most cases IS...food for us.  There are somethings that just aren't eaten in various cultures due to social taboos but whatever makes you sick to think of eating...someone else somewhere else...considers food. Dogs, Sharks, etc etc.  "but but, killing animals for food is torture and murder!"  Ahh so because plants don't have cute faces and eyes and can't look at you longingly, therefore they don't make good false guilt inducing commercials, that eating plants makes you better?  Sorry that dog won't hunt. Most everything that lives FEEDS on something else.  Including plants. Hell even plants KILL to survive DEAL WITH IT.

Gun Control: Sorry  gun control folks. Your irrational fear of an inanimate object is NOT my problem. Well not until you are STUPID enough to make it my problem by trying to control and restrict my access to a constitutionally protected human right.  That's right I said human right, because everyone has the right of self defense and the ability to put food on the table.  "But think of the children!"  I am, mine if I ever have any and those of my friends and family.   A gun is tool. Nothing more and nothing less. It doesn't have a will of it's own and it's not, no matter how much you chicken yellow twits project upon them...inherently "EVIL"  See that's the thing a lot of "gun control" and the flat out hysteria that goes along with it is based on unreasoning EMOTIONAL projection instead of logic.  Gun Control advocates say gun owners need to "compromise"  See that's one place where they are way off base. When they say "compromise" they mean "give in to our demands or else"  Compromise means 2 sides having a reasonable, rational discussion and coming to a mutually beneficial and mutually agreed upon decision.  BTW gun owners have been "compromising" since the NF Act of 1934.  So go piss up a rope. Frankly we need to rescind every gun control law that has been passed since then.

Global Warming., no sorry it's Climate Change, now.  Antartic Ice is melting at an unheard of rate?  Look at the arctic you morons...the ice there is GROWING at the exact same rate. Nature is keeping itself in balance. Same as it's always done.  It's the warmest year on record!  Uhmm no if you look at science graphs of ice cuttings and such we STILL haven't approached the warmest temps of back in the dinosaur days before humans  So float that boat by someone else.  Matter of fact this has been the longest running cold streak in my memory here in Texas.  Be that as it may...the climate is always changing, balance and self adjusting. Humans have fuck all to do with it and no control whatsoever. To propose otherwise is...hubris.

Politics in the US.  Hmm my thoughts on politics in the US can be summed up thusly. 
Take off and nuke DC from orbit...repeatedly. It's the only way to be sure.

Healthcare:  Healthcare is a service, not a right.  The US despite some of the problems with the system...is still the best healthcare system in the world.  Although the US government after winning their take over bid for an  industry that is 1/3 the US economy, is doing it's level best to destroy it.

just a few random final stray thoughts for the year closing out at midnight tonight.

Remember TANSTAAFL and..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Better nuke NYC while you're at it to remove the rump rangers at the UN...

    1. *snort* I always said the terrorists hit the wrong buildings on 9/11. Fine hit NYC but hit the UN. Oh wait that won't work because most of your supporters are there...ooops.


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