Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gun Control works? It's for the children!


This one is going to be quick, dirty, profane and sans links boys and girls. Don't believe what I'm telling you...then look it up for your goddamned selves.  Because we've HAD this fucking conversation before. Repeatedly and it's making me irritable.  Oh and hat tip to my buddy miguel for the spanish language article on this that set my temper raging again.

Okay fucking seriously?  I'm tired of the gun control crowd. I'd like to round them all up, strip them naked, strap chutes on them and then drop them into some of the more...."enlightened" areas of the world. Africa? pick a country on that continent.  Middle of the Arabian Desert?  Any known surviving Al Qeuda camps? China?  Nah if china got to drop them fully clothed and laden with all sorts of goodies, falsified documents, electronic spy gear[bugs and mini cams] etc. Only way to do china frankly.   Such a plethora of choices....mmmm.

Everyone talks about gun control being a good thing. Hmmm don't think so.

Lets talk about Venezuela...AGAIN.  Gun Control Paradise.  Highly restrictive gun laws. only allowed one gun per person or household...forget which at the moment.  That gun is registered with the government. Oh and it can be taken/confiscated with no rhyme or reason,  with no warning what so ever. At any time.

Under beloved leader Hugo Chavez [long may his rotting fucking corpse feed the beetles and worms] they closed the very last gun store in Venezuela in late 2011. demographic.  Venezuela is a COUNTRY with a population density on par with a US STATE. One state in particular..MINE.  Their population depending on which website you track with is between 27-28 million right now.    Their murder rate is between 18-21000 a year EVERY year for years and years...more than a decade.  This year according to a spanish language article I ran across, and an NGO that tracks violence in Venezuela...they will have a BANNER RECORD year for murders come the close of 2013.  According to that NGO if the murder rate stays stable they will finish out THIS year with 24,763 murders.  That is fully just a gnats ass shy of a full ONE PERCENT of their population.That is anywhere between 3-6 THOUSAND more murders than the last decade or better's stats.   Now by comparison. The Great State of Texas in which I live, whom according to the gun grabbing, hanky stomping pussies that want your guns; our states gun laws are pretty lax. What is our murder rate? Meh we average between 1050-1150 give or take a few dozen either way.   That means boys and girls that our "gun law lax" STATE has 20  times LESS murders than the gun control paradise of Venezuela, this year.  Hell! Venezuela's murder rate this year is going to be around half and a again, or 10000 or more than the murder stats for the ENTIRE United States! This in a country with 13 times LESS the population of the US!  Wrap your empty skulls around THAT statistic and CHOKE on it you gun grabbing fucktards.   By comparison the murder rate for the US, in terms of population murdered hasn't changed much in the last 60yrs or better.  Our percentage of dead is almost invariably between .004-.009%.  For those of you who don't remember your basic math, slept through the class or you young folk that probably didn't get this basic part of math learning in the last decade or so...what that is is 4-9 THOUSANDTHS of ONE PERCENT.  That's practically infitesimal!    Oh and before anyone brings up England...Guess what the numbers for England are skewed. Because in England unless it's investigated as, tried as and convicted as a doesn't go in the books as a murder.  Put it another similar way for you. Unless you get an actual CONVICTION then it doesn't go in the official government stats as a murder.  Hell I read an official government document from their Dept of Justice once  that states in the preface that the numbers are off on everything because, especially for most petty crimes...most victims don't even bother to report crimes! Why? because the people tend to feel, rightly, that their  justice system is as useless tits on a boar hog.

And as I've also pointed out before.
Brazil? Whom the Olympics Committee was STUPID enough to give the forthcoming summer olympics to?   Their average murder rate, before that was between 45-50000 a year. And THAT in a country with half the population of the US. That's taken a drop for two reasons. Brazil and their law enforcement declared open season on gangs and criminals and started killing them in job lots. I'd also put good money on the idea that the Brazilian gov't made some back room deals with some of the bigger crime syndicates.

Africa?  Don't even get me fucking started. However for your edification outside of tribal driven genocide and warfare...Africa averages 150000 per year. Add in the numbers from genocide and warfare and the numbers will really make you puke. It's why I've always maintained that the continent is nothing but a black hole for blood, money, and tears.

That is all.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. And if you dig farther into the lies and stats you find that banning guns, while it does reduce the gun homicide rate, doesn't do dick for the overall homicide fact, in some cases it rises. What does happen, however, is the incidents of other crimes goes up. It's almost as if the criminals know they have nothing to fear from their victims.

    But you and I already knew all that, didn't we?

    1. Hell the people gun down the cops in the streets in Venezuela in hails of bullets, then strip the bodies of weapons and ammo

  2. it doesn't even necessarily bring the gun homicide rate down. remember last year? lady cop? shot her and then dropped a grenade on her? lovely people

  3. That's it! I am not posting any more stuff from Venezuela. You need to keep your blood pressure under 500

    1. *snort* let me worry about my blood pressure bro.


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