Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to New York City...

Where aren't allowed to buy a drink over 16oz in a fast food restaurant, can't own a gun, can't most school districts with their "zero tolerance" policies bring and carry your own prescribed meds.
Student damn near dies because school nurse won't give him inhaler

But guess what? Your child can get pregnant and go to the school nurse for the "morning after" pill to prevent pregnancy..
Are you fucking kidding me? Uhmmm...nope. NYC your teenage daughter can have unprotected sex and then if she fears a pregnancy go to the school nurse for the morning after pill. Gotta keep the girls from dropping out because they got pregnant, don't ya know?   *FACEPALM!*   Here's a novel concept...raise your kids right, be there for them...teach them that waiting and not giving into those hormonal urges is the better idea and there might not be a problem. Or at the very least tell them to use protection, and ram this into your girl child's skull. "a stiff dick has no conscience."  Also...grand so you can get birth control pills and the morning after pill from your school.  So you feel free to have sex with any boy that wants it...NOT.  Just because you're ON the pill doesn't protect you from STD's!
 This shit is NOT the schools job, it's not the GOVERNMENTS's the parents job. 

"But, but you want a bunch of pregnant teens running around?'

No numbnuts...I'd rather they not be having sex that young!

I'm going to sound preachy but this, this...well the news orgs would call it an epidemic..I refuse to;  huge upswing in teen pregnancies is to my mind due to the break down of the family, the ignoring of, or holding in contempt of "morals" and a profound lack of common sense. The latter of which as it regards teenagers is somewhat of an oxymoron since many of them can't think beyond the next cool vid game, the newest fashions, the latest movie and are all infected with a massive case of raging hormones.

I don't know...maybe as some of my friends say...young girls should be implanted with a beneath the skin birth control/pregnancy inhibiting drug as soon as they hit puberty.  It stays til they hit 18 and leave the home or later.  Which was a scenario in one of my favorite sci fi novels.  Yeah a matter of fact that IS a sense of massive frustration talking.

This is one of those subjects that drives me nuts.

Remember, TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


  1. Definitely agree.
    Look at the crap our state is doing:( GRRRRRRRRR

    I'm in the mood to move. Maybe Brazil?


  2. bubba there ain't no place left to go. It's ALL going to hell. As far as stupid shit going on in cali I heard the latest. Don't need a license to practice/perform abortions now.

  3. Mark Twain said kids should be raised in barrels and when they turn 18 you can decide whether to let them out or drive in the bung.

    1. I do seem to recall hearing that before, ayup. :)


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